Build 920

  • seisan
    • Removing Leader Flags from some Leucrottas.
    • DMs can now see Faction and IS_LEADER condition when exterminating an NPC.

    • Added trash can outside The Witch and Seer on the patio for customer convenience.

    • A new ship has docked off the Peltarch coastline - the Wisp! New Captain George Longcloak is sure to crow about his nice little slice of heaven!
    • Random spawn/map tweaks.

    Digit (ft. big help learning from Lence, Seisan, and GoS ❤ )
    • Housing map: Azzen-Lancord residence
    • The Wilting Flower shop has undergone a significant overhaul, it seems! The new ✨ Peltarch Temple of Sune ✨ is now open to the public for Sunite functions, Temple services, and spa/beauty treatments.

    • added DM tools for placeable editing