Through the Cracks

  • On rare trip from the Amalith family treeside camp in the Romani Pass, the half-elf, Cherry Holimion, made her way to Peltarch. Weary and full of concern, she made her way to as many of her niece's loved ones and friends as she could find. Wishing them well, she informed them that after finding Juniper speechless and unresponsive in the pixie glenn near Hero's Bluff, she and her daughter Arel'n had decided to send Juniper and her children back to Silverymoon to rest and recover. They felt that she needed more care than just the two of them could manage while also looking after three young children. With more immediate family around, they would have an easier time ensuring full recovery. Cherry offered to arrange visits for anyone that might wish to. Unsure of how long her niece would be back home, she was certain her niece would return at some point, hopefully sooner than later.