Vernadetta Di Alva Dolcexicio

  • Physical
    "Verna" is a human woman somewhere in her mid-twenties. She is about 170cm tall and has shoulder-long brunette hair and brown eyes. Her build is athletic, and it's not uncommon to see her covered in sweat and bruises, denoting that she keeps a very active physical life.

    At a first glance, she appears to be well-meaning and friendly. A heavy southern coast accent is present in her speech at all times, and whenever a cuss slips off her tongue, she tends to do it using what seems to be a local dialect of the land in which she was born, Sembia - although she will mention having lived also in Amn and Cormyr for different periods of time.

    She wears simple clothing most of the time when not expecting hostile action, opting for a modified breastplate in combat situations. Two pieces of gear seem to be always with her - A large double-edged axe and a set of extremely heavy-looking plated gauntlets that appear more like an engineered tool than just an accessory.

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