Tilly Mirna -"Saldula Dhokei"of The Water Children

  • It started as a normal day, fetching the water from the deep caves. Filling the clay pots then carrying them back to the camp, it would be used to fill canteens and barrels for the travel to the next watering stop. Hefting them had become easier and easier for her. Before se returned to camp she had a quick wash removing the dust and grime from her face and hair.

    Today would be a little differant today she would visit a local trader and pick up salt and supplies.Amongst which was to be material for her wedding attire. Dahna had made his offer for her and her father had accepted. She realy didnt like Dahna they had grown up together so she knew him to be arrogant and a bully. But she wasa dutiful Daughter ..

    As she apprached the Trader he greeted her with a big smile and nod, I have your order right here. She was surprised but returned the smile and nod. Written on the package was Tilly Mirna-One Uniform, One Sword .She was about to protest..but..was this an escape..sent by the fates..could she..would she... Saldula Dhokei donned the clothes and become Tilly Mirna.