Build 919

  • Lence
    • Hello Adventurers! Ready to test your mettle on the Road to Uthmere along the Great Dale?!? Just head west from Bezentil! But beware, there are many perils between that hamlet and the thriving port town of Uthmere! Watch for bandits, volodni, and more! Find your way to thrilling vistas, and dangerous locales! Seek advice from both wise AND terrifying seers you meet along the way. Search for hidden paths to magickal oasises, or deadly enclaves.

    Know that the threat from Dun Tharos to the north is still present, and that salvos from that cursed location still stretch their tendrils into the Great Dale!

    Beware the Clawhorn Path, for only the most hardy adventurers will survive it's monstrous inhabitants, and if you do survive and make it to Uthmere, be grateful there are so many things to do in that port city!

    Uthmere! Gateway of the Easting Reach! A busy port town that has something for everyone, so, who will find a good time, a bad reputation, maritime gladiator matches, goods from across the March, giant protectors, or even fame and fortune?!? Who will be adventurous enough to make their fortune on the Road to Uthmere?!?

    • Kenna's Dojo has been officially opened in Peltarch! Come test your skills in the arena, learn martial skills from the Sensei, and purchase finely crafted weapons.

    • Abyss maps have been scrubbed... now less trappy!

    • Minor adjustments to Witch and Seer.
    • A longhouse with raven banner has been built on top of an excavated foundation on the Walkway to the Royal Estates.

    • For Devs: cooking system phase one.

    • Gear rules (total abilities, will/fort/reflex saves, and universal saves) are now enforced by script. Items on your character will unequip on login if they are in violation. Items in violation that are not already equipped will be blocked and give you a combat log message.

    • Script updates: spawn_t_enter.nss and spawn_boss_ev.nss are now compatible with SpawnBehavior() and the million variables to configure your spawner (see Dev Notes).
    • Splitting up spawn_boss_ev.nss in spawn_inc_boss.nss:
    • Associate will now jump properly depending on the set-up.
    • Level range for boss spawning is now configurable.
    • Bezentil area tweaks.
    • Minor typo fix in fast_travel_dlg.nss
    • New scripts, puzzle_inc.nss and puzzle_tbs, to introduce puzzle global set-up on Narf. (See Dev Notes for instructions).
    • p_transition.nss now includes (again) TBS_EVENT_ON_AREA_TRANSITION_CLICK event to do doors-to-object transition or vice-versa (fixed Fish Fort broken transition for this instance).
    • More info is now displayed in the examine window of a creature for DMs.
    • There's now a new creature that involves rusting and wings lurking in the palcus.

  • Hotfix

    • Fix to stop discord-log spam (from Flom's) NPCs when the system enforces the gear rules. Rule enforcement no longer applies to DM avatars or DM-possessed NPCs.
    • Hot swap of same-slot items no longer counts against stat total on equip.
    • Fixed the missing dialogue token in Kenna's Dojo's NPC.