Boss: Erde, Artificial Titan of Ichor

  • The violent trampling in the underdark has come to an undeniable head.

    Alice’s first creation continues to crush anyone and anything in its path as it bounds and plays throughout the tunnels and chasms beneath Narfell. Even those who manage to escape being underfoot the false dragon are left aghast, seeing as the terribly acidic ichor leaking from its veins dissolves all manner of rocks and metal in its wake. Not that it understands this, of course, as the misguided creation continues to seek companionship.

    Words pass about a battle of attrition, adventurers planning to stall or weaken the simple creature until a shrinking spell can be performed, neutralizing the threat but allowing it to live. The deep gnomes it was intended to guard are skeptical, but willing to offer whatever aid or reward necessary to finally be out from under its claws.

    // barring any conflict, the fight is finally scheduled for

    Saturday, February 11th, 12pm EST

    And is tuned for characters levels 12-15 to reflect the power of participating PCs in events leading up. Thank you all so much for your participation thus far!!