Returning to Nwn after a long absence.

  • Thankyou everyone I have met who has been rping with Tilly both players and DMS have made me feel very welcome. I curently havnt a full developed idea for Tilly so i am trying to keep answers vague so I dont make a silly mistake or claims that arnt relevent to the setting of server. I know i chose Nomad as her start back ground .Also I have gone on couple excellent DM events,amazing fun.Tilly Mirna-Esilynn

  • ❤ ❤ ❤

    You’re such a sweetheart and a delight to have around!! I’m excited to see more Tilly Adventures!

    If you have discord, we have an active community at, and you can always reach out in game and here on the forums as well with any questions, concerns, or ideas!!

    Welcome again!! \o/