Updated Player Housing Statement

  • With the transition from legacy systems to new ones, the topic of Player Housing has been revisited as resources become easier to manage. We are now aiming to be more relaxed in allowing for application of player housing with the following stipulations:

    Players may have one personal house per player. This means only one PC can have personal housing, as to keep things easier to manage and resource-light.

    PCs must be a citizen of the town they wish to build in, or have permission to build from extraordinary circumstances.

    Housing that is abandoned for an excess of time will be vaulted as to keep things resource light and accessible. PCs may work/quest to earn back their property, but this is not a guarantee.

    Players must submit their own .erf files for review or have a dev team sponsor, so we can keep workload light on our dev team pals!

    To simplify and streamline, we will no longer have rental properties, recurring tax collection, or construction modifiers.

    There will be a month long moratorium on legacy pricing after the publishing of this post. Legacy pricing may be found here: Narfell Housing

    After this time, pricing will be updated to better reflect the value of gold in current Narfell. Updated pricing will be forthcoming as more details are ironed out.

    Building Restrictions

    Buildings must not take up more than 8x8 exterior tiles

  • For clarity, the 1-month moratorium mentioned in the above post means that you can, for the following month, apply for housing under the current (much lower) cost.

    This low-cost option will only be available for 1 month. After that, you will face much steeper costs. Practically speaking, this means if you want to apply for housing at the current lower prices, now is the time to apply.