Build 918A

  • Dorakhan:
    • Eldritch Knight prestige class now has new features including more skills (fighter + wizard) and higher effective caster level at 5 and 10
    • Gnarl has commissioned a rework of the Edge from architect Nero Tottenaught. Working under tight deadlines, Tottenaught has delivered a rework that's sure to please the most discerning buyer! Best of all, Gnarl's beloved painting (gifted to him by lifelong friend Beourn Battlemail) has become the centerpiece of a renewed Edge that's sure to delight all who seek fine armor and weapons!

    For Builders:

    • Major revamp on ou_object_trans.nss.
    • Renamed ou_object_trans.nss with p_transition.nss to expand it with TBS functionalities (all server placeables have been updated).
    • New script library inc_transition.nss with many object to object transition functions.
    • Added skill/ability/save/attack optional checks to p_transition.nss (read dev documentation).
    • You can now input a specific object tag to perform the PC transport while setting up p_transition.nss (read dev documentation).
    • Added item possessed by PC to perform the PC transport to p_transition.nss (read dev documentation).
    • Now we can keep feeding p_transition and inc_transition with no remorse.`