Build 918

  • DM

    • Crafted Bag Labels now use the chat system! Use the bag label on yourself to engage the listener, and then type the desired label name into the chat box. You may then use the renamed label on a bag or box as normal. Labels crafted before this update will need to have their names set the old fashioned way.
    • Fixes to many spawner placeables that would stop picking encounters due to their poorly random setup.
    • Better error catching for poorly setup random encounter placeables.
    • Tweaks to Drowned's AI and their Drowning Aura (Su).

    The Mystical Lodge has been rebuilt under the close supervision of the esteemed architech Nero Tottenaught. Those in the know know that Nero is the cousin of Seth's painter, Viro, who painted the commision Seth vs. the Omnimental that hangs in the Lodge. Seth has hired master craftsmen to man the crafts hall he commissioned for the downstairs, and has redesigned his store to make it easier to shop his wares! The only question is, what happened to Randle?!?

    • Complete redesign of the Mystical Lodge exterior and interior
    • New stall shopping system implemented to get rid of old PS
    • Cosmetic changes to the Nars Farmland
    • Tweaked kobold spawn. Now more Kobold-y!

    With the open road between Norwick and Heroes Bluff, folks have been moving south and setting up residence in Norwick in the East Valley.

    • Norwick East Valley Map has been updated... (again)
    • Spawns have been fixed in the Nars Pass... (again)
    • Relevant Area Fixes.
    • AI tweaks:
    1. Barghests (ai_barghest.nss) : The shapechanging during combat will happen more naturally. They'll equip weapon and shield in goblinoid form, they will also adquire OnHit: KD item property during wolf form (as all wolf-like critters in Narf are supposed to have).
    2. Stoneflyers (ai_stoneflyer.nss) : Massive clean-up for unused functions inside the script as some were moved to the global AI.
    3. Worms (ai_purpleworm.nss) : Massive clean-up for unused functions inside the script as some were moved to the global AI. For Frost Worms, the radius of Death Throes (EX) was adjusted to be 50ft instead of 50m, they now have a better VFX when the final explosion occurs.
    4. Rust Monster (ai_rustmonster.nss) : Some improvements on how they pick weapons/armor/shield and rust them to apply penalties (for rust mechanics, see notes below). They can now rust left hand weapons if they are metal. Their DR was relaxed due to the new rust and corrosion mechanics. Challege Feat may now work properly against this creature.
    5. Black and White Puddings (ai_blackpudding.nss) : Improvements on how they apply corrosion penalties to weapons and armors of a creature that has hit them and failed the reflex save (for corrosion mechanics, see notes below).
    6. Griffons and Hippogriffs (ai_griff.nss) : Massive clean-up for unused functions inside the script as some were moved to the global AI. Also... they finally might be able to flee and disappear by soaring into the skies.
    7. Plague Brushes (ai_plaguebrush.nss) : They will pick a new target when performing a Trample Charge more naturally. Challege Feat may now work properly against this creature.
    • New libraries: rust_corr_inc.nss, inc_feedback.nss (calls nwnx_feedback.nss).
    • Activating new server plug-in: NWNX_FEEDBACK_SKIP=false
    • Tweaks to inc_item.nss:
    • Corrected a missmatched declaration for ITEM_GetIsItemMetal (kinda irrelevant).
    • Adding Lance weapon type as melee option check.
    • Adding Towershield to ITEM_GetIsItemMetal() so it returns TRUE.
    • New emote: -shake (shk)
    • Some Motion Emotes (like -shake, -spasm, etc.) will shake off rust and corrosion penalties if there's any applied to the equipped items of the caller, and they should decrease/get removed. This is only in case the HB Queued Rust/Corrosion removal script has stoped for any reason (for corrosion mechanics, see notes below)..

    Rust and Corrosion Mechanics:

    a. There's two different types of penalties: Rust and Corrosion (this may change in a future as theoretically they are the same). These penalties do stack.
    b. Duration is 1 minute per level of penalty type.
    c. Max penalty for weapons: -10 for each Penalty Type (this means if you have a bad day and the full rust and corrosion is applied to your weapon, the max penalty is -20).
    d. Max penalty for armor and shields: their total AC bonus (accounting AC bonus properties). i.e. For a Full Plate +1, the max penalty would be -9.
    e. Penalty Types and Levels are displayed in the Item's name with prefix tags: [Rusted -#], [Corroded -#]. The item name is reverted back to original once the penalty has expired.
    f. As we are using the server On Attack Event to apply these penalties and modify the attack result (instead of applying a temporary item property to the items), you'll have to pay attention to the colored Combat Log Feedback to see the attack rolls your PC does or receives.