Ophanim NPCs

  • General knowledge NPC stuff, updated as I become increasingly feral and have the time yeehaw

  • Lyra, the Angel without a throat

    A wiry woman with silvery skin and hair, and large wings growing out of her shoulders. Her aura is unmistakably that of a celestial.

    A herald in the service of Milil, who quite literally crashed into the Nars from above. Weighed down in a puddle of black ooze, and cut out with a scythe. Though adventurers on the scene were able to tend to most of her wounds, her throat has been torn out of her neck in some manner of cursed injury, preventing her from singing, speaking, or casting magic. While being a celestial means she is still able to communicate with telepathy, the bubbling and wheezing noises she makes are very off-putting.

    Given a scarf to cover her neck, and put up in the bardic college at the moment, Lyra is seen strumming instruments, watching student performances with wonder, and sitting with the Foo Lion Sopherial, as well as the white cat Cream Cheese, left there as a therapy cat.

    Lyra claims that she had been searching for her dear friend she hadn’t seen in a while. Upon finding her, she was “different”, stole her throat, and escape was narrow, resulting in her being found in the Nars as such.


    A solar in the service of Milil

    ███████ ██████ ⏁⊑⟒⍀ ⏃⍀⟒ ⟒⏃⏁⟟⋏☌ ⋔⟒ ⏃⌰⟟⎐⟒ ██████ ███ █████ ██ █████ ████ ███ ████ ████ ████ ██████ ███ ⌿⌰⟒⏃⌇⟒ ⊑⟒⌰⌿ ⋔⟒

  • Alice

    A small deep gnome woman with big black eyes, veiled short black hair, and a specialty in alchemy. Her latest projects have been altered homunculi, including the Cerulean Ciel, and the Artificial Titan of Ichor, Erde. The latter has caused her an exceptional amount of problems and made her a pariah in her community, after it began to rampage through the underdark, severely disrupting svirfnerblin mining operations and trade routes.

    Erde, the Artificial Titan of Ichor

    Created in the image of a dragon, meant to dissolve rocks and tunnel, and armed to fend off drow or others who would threaten the deep gnomes it was meant to protect. According to Alice, Erde does not understand why everyone is so afraid of it, why people scream when they step on them when playing, or screech when their breath dissolves them along with the rock. Unaware of it's own power, Erde continues to search the underdark for companionship and play, leaving decimation in it's wake.

  • Boys in Blue (Self-proclaimed Sky Unit)

    They may not be the most accomplished, but this particular group of Ceruleans somehow find themselves often in no shortage of weird to middling situations, and…. Usually, consequently, clowned on. However, they keep their chins up, still manage to do good mundane work, and have a strong family-like bond, especially with their discharged member Ciel.

    4th star Wendell

    The leader of the unit, Wendell is the more stern and proper of the bunch. He takes his work seriously, tries hard to keep his men in line, but also wouldn’t hesitate to take a hit for any of them.

    3rd star Lograss

    A laidback and relaxed guy, though a few needles short of a haystack. He still knows his way around magic, and magical crime, even if he can be a bit of a gullible blabber mouth.

    3rd star Broca

    Snarky and bullheaded, Broca thinks he can deal with pretty much anything without issue, faster, and better than his peers. Despite his infuriatingly competent skills, this attitude does not help, as he’ll often charge in to issues with blinders on.

    3rd star Hunt

    The least talkative of the group, and the least likely to be involved in a job, Hunt sort of just shows up for the paycheck. He’s good enough at what he does, he just prefers to daydream about retiring and running a bakery with his son, who he will excitedly chatter on about as being a prodigy at cake decorating.

  • The Chessboard Company

    A trio of performers that moonlight as magical treasure hunters, the Chessboard Company might seem like a goofy sort, but won’t let anyone get in their way when they want something!


    The strongman, the muscle, the guy with the big sword! Knight is a man of few words, but a soft demeanor, often seen with a relaxed look. He’s a huge guy at 6’6, and rarely if ever seen out of his hefty black full plate. He’s a quiet guy too, only speaking in sign language or grunts, that Bishop and Rook seem to understand implicitly. When performing, Knight will heft Rook and Bishop up on his shoulders, allow them to balance on his hands, and when not assisting acrobatics, will give a nice accented chime on a triangle every so often.


    A bubbly young woman, and the sunshine girl vocalist of the group. A short elf with dark skin and blonde hair, wearing loose but bright clothes, Rook is sociable, hard to get to frown, and has a sharp memory. She can recall anything told to her or that she’s read before, making her the group’s loremaster and field medic.


    Despite the moniker, they’re devoted to no god but themself. A Kara-Turan with short black hair, dark eyes, and dark leathers, Bishop is the leader of the group, as well as the musical component, with quite a bit of skill at the Lute. With a quick wit, Bishop makes plans for the group, charts destinations, manages their money, and is an expert at disarming traps and picking open chests.

  • Ciel


    An ex-cerulean field alchemist, camped up in the coldstone mountains.

    Ciel has an androgynous look, incredibly pale skin, sullen black eyes, and extremely messy long grey hair. He wears a heavy blue sweater with a yellow scarf, along with leathers- despite this, he doesn’t seem terribly bothered by the cold, though the chattering of his teeth and shaking of his hands might say otherwise.

    He spends every waking hour working on his potions, diligent and disciplined. He’s assisted by his familiar, a small fire elemental named Kiran, who helps keep the fire lit and heats his concoctions.


    Murmuring has it that after some adventurers helped run a supplies delivery up to him, Ciel agreed to come back to Peltarch for a while. Magistrate Azzen was later seen carrying an unconscious Ciel into the Cerulean barracks, as Kiran ran at his feet.

    Rumor since then reports that after a group of adventurers went to investigate an abandoned tower, and then returned from the underdark, Ciel has stopped shaking and stuttering as much. He's seen around the city more often now, taking walks, shopping, and trying to have "organic experiences".