Unused Stalls (Persistent Shops)

  • Today a new DMs command to vacant stalls that have not been moving their contents was introduced. When a stall loses it's owner, the contents of said shop goes to a limbo untill the former owner claims a new empty stall. I.e. making a stall vacant doesn't not incur on item loss.

    This announcement is to notify that we are performing a cleansing tomorrow (around this hour) of those abandoned stalls.

    Stalls that are going to be vacant again are the ones listed bellow:

    • Witchy Wares (Owner: Primrose Grubb-Hallow)
    • Moon's (Owner: Moon Mistikus)
    • Many Dead For Wealth (Owner: Scott Grimm)
    • Trash & Treasure (Owner: Tirreth Dae'Maen)

    If you want to keep your stall, you have until tomorrow to fill their inventory with new wares.

    Shops are vacant as of this date.

  • Reminder that the 1 stall (or group of stalls) per player rule still stands. If the team finds a player is occupying 2 stalls with different PCs:

    We'll vacant one of them without further notice.