Build 917A

  • Dorakhan

    New Spell/Ability FX Features:

    • !fx will list all spell effects and their durations/origins in post strings in top left
    • clicking on an effect icon will give you a summary of all sources of that effect, details, and origins

    New DM chat commands:

    • !dm_settag <new tag>. Sets a new tag to any selectable item, door, placeable, or creature.
    • !dm_clearstall. Clears the ownership of the selected stall (you need to confirm the cleanup with a secondary command: pay attention to the feedback). Note that items remain linked to the former owner's inventory database so there's no item loss even when resetting a stall whatsoever.
    • !dm_desctrigger <description>. Creates a one-time description trigger in the targeted location (for now it's just a perfect 4x4 square). Fully compatible with [skill DC]Tags to show special description text to those entering the trigger.
    • !dm_setfogclip <value>. Sets a new fog clip distance <value> for the area. You need to reload the area to see the effect.
    • !destroy can now destroy description triggers created with !dm_desctrigger chat command.