Raid Target: Lucy Rhodes

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    Raid Target: Mercenary Leader Lucy Rhodes

    Tentative Time - Subject to change:

    Saturday November 19, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST


    Former Defender Captain turned Mercenary Lucy Rhodes has returned to prominence after the re-organization of the many bandit and mercenary forces under Leslie Fim. Specifically, Fim has entrusted Rhodes with the majority of those bandits loyal to him that are located in the Nars. Rumor has it that Fim has even given her license to do whatever she pleases with his forces in the Nars, such that those mercenary and bandit forces now follow Rhodes' orders.

    Rhodes has used her regained military strength to raid, pillage, capture, and enslave those villages that are on the periphery of the Nars, far and away from the jurisdictions of major cities. Her bandits have enslaved townsfolk into either labor or combat. Her bandits have also created a supply network to pilfer the natural resources of raided and subjugated towns and villages. These resources, including lumber and stone, have been used to build a stronghold in those woods just east of the Giantspire Mountains. Apparently, these resources are now also being used to build mobile siege equipment.

    Rumor has it that Rhodes is behind the recent destabilization of Peltarch's monarchy, having gifted to King Thalaman a powerful Savran artefact that revealed a certain truth about the thin nature of that family's blood, with regard to certain of its members. This revelation has led to disputes and conflicts on the verge of physical violence between the two splintered factions of the royal family - that is, King Thalaman and his brother Kasimir on the one hand, and Adrian Fisher and former Queen Martha Fisher on the other.

    Military intelligence now fears that Rhodes plans on turning her forces against Peltarch. In turn, Peltarch's Defenders intend to launch a preemptive attack on Rhodes' mercenary stronghold.

    More background information about Rhodes can be found by clicking here. Participants are invited to click through, read the background, and listen to the thematic music.

    Participants, please post your availability below, both for the finale date and for any in game meeting plans you intend to make between now and then. You may also use a different forum thread for planning.

    All participants have been warned IC and OOC any intending to join the raid that it will be extremely dangerous, with a high probability of casualties. Participate at your own risk and peril.

    If the party succeeds in killing Lucy Rhodes: the raid ends in victory. If the party fails, or in the event of a total party wipe: the raid ends in defeat, resurrection costs must be paid, and the plot will continue with a subsequent sequence of events.

    [DM Xanatos Gambit]

  • Things have changed on my end, it seems I will be there 😁

  • Event takes place tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST.

  • Rosie will attend meetings and volunteers to join the others on what ever mission shall follow if her expertise or presence isn't declined.

  • I plan on having Junilper there.and if there' any other meetings in between now then still left should be able to make them.. except Friday.

  • It currently looks like I will be unavailable, which would remain true for the entire Saturday. Best of luck to the rest of you, though. I'll try to shift things so I can make it.

  • Reyhenna will be there.

  • Aside from Saturday and Sunday evenings (US Eastern), my availability is wide open. But I'm also recovering from surgery and may not be able to commit to a long session.

  • Reemul will be there.

  • Isolde will be there - of course with her thinking cap on in planning prior to the event itself. I do love a proper war room meeting in game, but we can do it through forums too if that helps catch everyone up.

  • Might be available, if work cooperates.

  • Seth is keen to join - that is 3am Sunday for me (AEST). So would need to be maybe a couple of hours later for me to be able to participate.

  • Cormac Randolph who had been withering in the prolonged time of peace perks up at the suggestion of an upcoming battle. Like a ravening beast scenting fresh meat on the wind he seems almost agitated with his anticipation. Some things never change, it seems...

    //I should be able to log in for a couple of hours on Saturday morning. I can't guarantee I'll be around for the ending if that's ok.

  • Ghan Bhatar should be available.

  • I should be available