Logs and Records of Seeker Lancord

  • Elliott’s journal is as much a feat of engineering as the rest of his work.

    A painfully thick and worn leather book, there are tabs, envelopes, and pullouts jutting out of every page. Just holding it is a bit of a strain on the arms. Yellow, ribbon style bookmarks mark Elliott’s current pages, with a gear shaped charm dangling off the end of each one- easily recognizable as Gond’s symbol. The front has loops that hold a few pencils, dull and small from excessive use. The book’s clasp has loops sewn into it, for easy attachment to Elliott’s side like a holstered weapon- always within reach.

    Inside, the book is chock full of messy schematics, observations, lists, and more, with several extra notebooks sewn in to increase the page count, causing it to bulge. It’s like looking inside of Elliott’s brain, surely. Notable tabs include: Invention Drafts, Experiments, Food Bucket List, Friends!!!, Problem Solving, and Thoughts.

  • [Adventure Log - 37N]

    We did it, we rescued Carmil!!!

    Hesh appeared while Rosie and I were in the craft hall- angry. He blamed me for Carmil being kidnapped, and adventurers for being “trinket hoarding idiots getting involved in things they shouldn’t!” I had thought Hesh had something to do with it, I was so confused. He asked us why we would think he’d take Carmil, and Rosie suggested “To make Elliott do things?”

    He grabbed me by my neck, and through my choking told Rosie that he had other ways of getting us to do things. He then declared that Rosie and I were going to go save Carmil for him.

    He gave us two wands, a red and a blue- the red to use on ourselves, and blue on Carmil when we found him. He then left, telling me my inventions were uninspired and trash.

    …Hesh is a dick. But he’s smart, a research genius. If that’s his feedback… its not that I feel I have to impress him, but I thought I was becoming more accomplished. Getting somewhere, after all my travels, trials, errors and repairs.

    Am I still the same old kid making the same old shoddy copies in the temple workstation, watching my peers with jealousy and exhaustion?

    Ah, this is derailing- Anyway, when we used the red wand, Rosie and I were transformed! I became a fire elemental, and Rosie an elder fire elemental! A gate also appeared before us, and when we stepped through, we were in Zephyr’s pleasure palace.

    But this time, it was different.

    The air elementals were not jovial and partying- in fact, they were nowhere to be seen. There were these strange swirling vortexes made of dust, and glowing red eyes. Luckily, they paid us no mind.

    We then ran into one of Cindergrin’s lackeys, who complained to us about how he’d rather return to the plane of fire, but hey, at least they were almost done “processing” the air elementals.

    At that ominous note, we made our way further in. The chamber where we left the elemental chaos behind before. Carmil was now imprisoned with it, working on it in some way, with a gaunt look on his face. He was pale, skinny, his eyes so sullen- he was literally being worked to death! The chaos now took the shape of an orb, crackling.

    Cindergrin stood before this, with an earth elemental that seemed to be leaking magma from cracks in its surface. Cackling, and berating Carmil for being too slow.

    Zephyr then pushed past us to talk with Cindergrin. He was in his humanoid form but something was… different. He was much more ominous. The ashen skin, black clothes, oh, and the lava dripping out of his eyes.

    Zephyr told Cindergrin that humans needed sleep and food regularly to function, gesturing to Carmil. Cindergrin laughed at him. He told Zephyr that he wondered what would happen if a human was “processed”, and reminded him that half his people were now “processed” like he was. That his grand plan had blown up in his face. Did he expect it to go this way? To be hoodwinked? Maybe Dust would still let him have his floating rock of a palace when they were done.

    Zephyr spat that he ate Cindergrin’s lava cake, and pushed his way out. Cindergrin and his guard left as well, and Rosie and I were alone with Carmil.

    We got to him, and he was in a bad way. And… this time, we wouldn’t leave that chaos behind. After a bit of poking and pleading Carmil to stay awake just long enough to tell us how to take it, he pointed at a pair of gloves. If they were worn, the chaos could be handled. Then, our disguises dropped!!! I tapped Carmil with the blue wand, and he vanished.

    Rosie was fearless!! She grabbed the orb after putting on the gloves, and held it firm- despite it wobbling and distorting in her grasp, seeming so uncomfortable! I tried to tap her with the blue wand, and… nothing happened

    The blue wand was for Carmil.

    Hesh didn’t give us a way out.

    As if on cue with our panic, Zephyr appeared, staring us down. He then simply said “watch your head”, and suddenly, with a huge gust of wind, we were falling… falling… and crashed onto the floor of the Peltarch craft hall- Rosie still holding the orb!

    The tanner yelled that something had fallen in the basin, and we managed to pull Carmil out. With a hug, pancakes, and the shock of the water, he was more awake, and seeing Rosie stand, wobbling with the orb, said something along the lines of-

    “Oh cool, Raazi has the orb, how fun!

    …..oh shit CAREFUL!”

    He ran over to the tools chest, and urged Rosie to drop it in, proceeding to sit on the lid as the box bulged and made all sorts of noises.

    He told us that Cindergrin was having him forge it into something that could be attached to a weapon. That processing was something that Cindergrin was using to turn elementals into other elementals. And that he would make a space in his tower to take the orb, but desperately needed some rest and time to get that all in order, but he’d be back for the orb shortly. He then teleported away.

    …The fish I had put in there for Toast to find was horribly mutated. That orb is not to be trifled with. Rosie seemed very curious about what it could do to her if she touched it, but restrained herself, taking her own leave.

    I left Latka in front of the toolbox, guarding it from wandering hands or little thieving lizard mouths (I fear so much what would happen if Toast tried to take it-) and am recording this in the craft hall, watching over it as I do. Latka has faced little issue, and I’ve gotten to snuggle Toast a whole bunch! A nice treat, in the midst of it all.

    I’m glad Carmil is safe again… I’m so worried about Shazen and Vaxis still being missing- are they captured as well? Are they at risk of being processed?

    Zephyr… why did he help us? There’s so much to unpack-

    I’ll theorize more tomorrow. For now, my son demanding cuddles is a top priority.

  • [Thought log - 552-G]

    Mm. Developments.

    I exchanged information Re: Fargal Specimen with Kasimir. The Far Scouts have already found out more information than I had. How frightening! But I suppose information is their game, after all.

    The crystals in Fargal being a potent power source… possibly weapons… mmh, it makes me uneasy. The idea that the only way we’re likely to get more leads is to find out how N’Jast is using them, and recover their tech…. Is downright nauseating.

    Whatever it is, the fact that the crystal was being mined en masse in a prison camp- it can’t be good.

    Mitsuhide being… dispatched, due without question to the help of Cormac, Raazi, and Juniper- does ease my worries ever so slightly, though. He was an incorrigible killer who would continue to kill endlessly if left alive. It still I don’t like the feeling of being a mercenary, even if it’s for my safety, and the safety of those I care about.

    I was built to invent. To tinker, make magic items, ask questions, solve problems. I never expected I’m so unused to blood on my hands. Even when it’s purely defensive, when it is undoubtedly in the best interest of justice, or protection- I still feel sick. Monsters that plague the land were already one thing, but sentient beings? I can’t understand the logic behind wanting to hurt, kill, deceive, to foster evil in one’s heart so willingly. It’s never felt hard to try and be good… can the same be said for some that choose evil?

    Mitsuhide would twist mercy like a knife. Will Xal Sang do the same? A terrorist, part of The Green Band, who rUINED MY- WHO KILLED MY- WHO TOOK-

    He didn’t kill Ilya after all, after he showed mercy to me, and provided me information. Perhaps… mmh. I should steel my heart, right? While I always want to pray for the best outcome… Some evils can’t be given the chance to strike again.

    Maybe after this contract is null and forgotten, I could meet with Master Zahn of N’Jast like Master Braka wants me to. I’m… fearful of what the N’Jasti sect of the church is like, but we’re comrades under faith, always sharing new ideas, right? Maybe Zahn could tell me more about the Fargal crystals. Or maybe I’ll be killed on sight

    Whatever the case, I need to begin to prepare for whatever awaits in Xal Sang’s hideout. Seek support from other adventurers if I can. Plan to strike when the odds of success are highest, and failure minimal…

    He won’t get away with it. The Green Band won’t kill more of us. I promise, Avra Archwinder.

    Shopping list:

    →New fishing rod

    →Large fresh salmon- I can’t let Hignus spoil Toast more than me!!!

    →Dried herbs for distillation


    →Diamond powder

    →Sweets to refill Morgan’s little jar on his desk, he’s almost out

    →A few uncontaminated new flasks for titrations

  • [Experiment log - 317B]

    Specimen [ Fargal 2 ]

    Crystalline in structure. Small enough to fit in my pocket, heavy enough I notice when holding it. Colour is nothing remarkable. But there wouldn’t be an entire mining operation if it wasn’t important…

    What’s special about these crystals?

    Hypothesis: Crystal holds significant value

    Hypothesis: Crystal is a component for some sort of magic or construction

    Prediction: Crystal is a potential power source

    Materials: Fargal 2, Forge, hammer, chisel, Construct - title: Fries, Construct - title: Hashbrown, lightning rod, magic missiles

    Chiseled small piece off Fargal 2 (hence reported as Fargal 3) to avoid risk of deteriorating Fargal 2 as a whole.

    Exposed Fargal 3 to forge flame- no results.

    Exposed Fargal 3 to electricity- seemed to pass through

    Exposed Fargal 3 to magic missiles- seemed to pass through with… some rattling and fizzling. Worth noting that the energy of the missiles moved through in the direction of the chisel pattern. Conduit?

    chiseled Fargal 3 further, broke another piece off of Fargal 2 now referred to as Fargal 4.

    Removed enspelled quartz core from Fries (I’m sorry!!) in preparation. Substituted Fargal 4. Upon activation, Fries…. Shorted, and caused a small explosion.

    -It WAS small! I cleaned it all up, Lambert! Be glad I didn’t use Scicheal!!!

    Removed enspelled amethyst core from Hashbrown. Replaced with chiseled Fargal 3. Hashbrown responded… positively. Moved swift, stayed active, responsive. But sparked fairly often… shut down before a similar incident to Fries could occur.

    Thoughts: The crystals in Fargal seem to be a possible power source. But a volatile one. Carving can affect the flow of power. Completion of the circuit and proper routing are likely a means of avoiding explosion.

    Will continue experimenting. Compare Hashbrown with other constructs. Consider higher capacity power conductors. Further consider implication of size and shape of Crystal when used in this capacity

    Have to be very careful to keep these away from Toast’s reach. Make sure to report this to Coyote, Jackal, and Kasimir, possibly compare to whatever progress they’ve made on Fargal 1.

    Reminder: Coyote seemed to enjoy Hinnish pastry. Double down? Or try something new? I want to cheer up my friend with his difficult recovery…

    Even if it wasn’t, even if we rescued him, I still feel it was my fault. I didn’t look for him I didn’t look for him I let them find him he was hurt he was hurt he was hurt why do my friends keep getting hurt I need to keep busy I need to work on this I need to keep busy it’s all I can do it’s all I can do on my own-

    To do: Find Xal Sang before he finds me, dispatch Mitsuhide before he hurts others, pick up pastries for Morgan and Egg, fish for Toast, toys for Juniper’s twins, follow up with Vaxis re: Caenum re: Gasptide, Cindergrin, Dust, check on Coyote’s recovery, further interviews in Oscura re: drow incursion-

    ask Carmil-

    Save my Friend