Build 917

  • Lence

    • The farmers who live northeast of Norwick have cleared a path to Heroes Bluff. Who knows what wonders adventurers may stumble across on their travels from Norwick to Hinhold, and vice versa?
    • Access to the Nars Pass has been cut through the woods from the Big Glade between Heroes Bluff and Norwick, but this easy access has opened the Pass to random travellers, not all who are friendly, so tread lightly.
    • Now you can quench your "thirst" at the Regal Maid after a night of dancing and merriment! See your friendly barkeep Florimel for fine wines, draft ales, and hearty eating!
    • Looking to change your looks and want to share the experience with your paramour? New cozy welcoming couches are at Violettas, now large enough for everyone and their special someone... or someones!

    Godess of Spite

    • New and revamped unattached and Peltarch ship interiors.


    • Fixed bug where underwater drowning DCs would not reset.
    • Tailors now include a copy outfit feature.
    • !reveal should work with invisibility (beta)
    • Fixed broken portal resrefs for !dm_portal


    • Reskined Craft Armor Skill with Speak Language Skill and removed the other Craft Skills from selection.


    • The million dwarves hanging around The Long Road - Heroes Bluff have migrated to a better place and beyond.
    • For PCs: An extra line with the Deity's Name will be visible in the Examine window if target is holding/equipping a Holy Symbol item (as per our enchanting rules) and has a deity set (remember you can check if your deity is set with !deity command).
    • For DMs: Deity's Name of a target will always be visible in the Examine window. Feedback is given if the creature has no deity set (remember you can set a deity for any creature with !set deity <Name> command).

  • Hotfix
    Item property fix for tailor copy function.