Two Little Teapots

  • It was quiet night in the docks, the fog rolling in off Icelace Lake, lent what Juniper felt was a very dreamlike surreal quality to her surroundings. It never helped things when reality happened to reinforce the very surreal feelings the voices in her head often imbued to her. Voices from across the wide spectrum of extraplanar beings were ever present in her mind. At best it was merely whispers in the background, at worst they could drown out her own thoughts.

    pyuseqg, kg wxuy, xy wis'd fabx u wuks. - shim's seain su co, kid - ghi isheit, nnikh nnash tiash - Tknytkny, irr'voan ukh foanoanlirrng wo ukhroan nykny irrn kukhnsukhs ukhmyroan - xe'p qalli picy mup il aooyr mot til'z ryofwy.- pyuSEQG, KG WXUY, xy wis'd fabx u wuks. - SHIM'S SEAIN SU CO, KID - GHI ISHEIT, nnikh nnash tiash - Tknytkny, IRR'VOAN UKH foanoanlirrng wo ukhroan nykny irrn kukhnsukhs UKHMYROAN - XE'P GALLI PICY MUP IL AOOYR MOT TIL'Z RYOFWY.

    Stress of recent events and even more likely the stresses of pregnancy had left the door open for the volume to creep up on her, and the myriad voices were again crowding out her thoughts. The rare few she understood mingling in and those she didn't understand worsening her confusion as her brain struggled to make sense of the mental chaos. And brains being the miraculous things they are, hers often imposed order where there was none. A song taught to her as a child back in SIlverymoon tempered the noise, even if she was no less confused.

    She singsang softly as the love of her life and husband escorted her back to the ship, the Opportunilty, her arms clung to one of Cormac as she followed his familiar and soothing voice through the deceptive dreamland of the foggy docks. o/I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle. Here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, here me shout. Tip me over! And! Pour! Me! Out! o/

    When one of the voices she didn't understand made a strange, but amusing gurgle, she burst into a few giggles as the louder they got, the more easily amused she found herself, and a lopsided smile wound its away across her face. She turned her violet eyes up to Cormac, seeing the concern in his eyes. She understood that better than the words comin g out of his mouth, so when she suggested a walk back to her great-grandmother's tree in the old Romani Pass, she was nodding before she had completely processed the suggestion.

    As their destination changed, Juniper waddled along at Cormac's side. She had a vague notion of where they were headed, but for present she just followed where her husband took her. She could feel the babes growing in her belly kick every so often. Though this sensation was different. It wasn't the babies, it was her own body, and she realized belatedly she had felt one or two in the past hour already, just dismissing them before. She wasn't due for another couple weeks, but still far enough along that she had known they could come anytime. As big as her belly was now, she was pretty sure there was more than one in there.

    When another contraction hit, Cormac swept the petite elf off her feet, changing destination a second time. Quieting the voices would have to wait. She hooked her arms around his neck and rested her head and violet hair on his shoulder, trusting in Cormac. Her carried into the Lighthouse Temple, where the Selunite clergy took over care., though never let him from her side, keeping a sometimes crushing grip on his hand.

    Some 14 hours later twin half-elf infants were born, a girl named for her father but taking her mother's surname, Coraline Amalith, and a boy named after a tree in the tradition of his mother's family but taking his father's surname, Illair Randolph. (Illair, Elven for Ash)

    After the exhausted mother and two newborns were escorted back to the Amalith family camp, thing settled down. Juniper made sure Coraline and Illair were fed, and were safely in the care of her aunt and cousin, so she see to finally quieting down the voices. The voices she called Mojo. She was reluctant to leave her infants so soon, but she also wanted to be clear of mind to make sure she could give them her best. So she took one of her two vials of Astral Potion, and downed it, being swept away to the calmest place she knew of in all the planes. The one place the voices were guaranteed to be all but gone.

  • Juniper's second pregnancy lasted longer than usual, but she and Cormac finally welcomed a second daughter, Violet, into the world. The Selunite clergy of the Lighthouse Temple giving teh same aid they had for the twins.