On board the Opportunity (for Soaked Meat)

  • On board the ship known fully as, 'The Opportunity for Soaked Meat' the violet haired elven beauty, Juniper Amalith, was seen bringing many pots on board. Below decks, she unpacked the many samples of 'Juniper's Orchid' her captain and crewmates had helped her collect from the swamps east of town. Named by Juniper, it was as species of orchid Juniper had discovered years ago in the swamps, and found no mention of anywhere else. They are no longer than her own finer with tiny, colorful blossoms, and water-loving., being found mostly along stream side or swampy pools.

    The orchids Juniper pots on board are mostly pink or red with a handful or white and one blue, and once potted she leaves them around he crew's and captain's quarters to bring a tiny splash of color to the spartan ship interior.

  • After a curious encounter with a strange gnomish bard out on the Great Dale amongst a seemingly endless stream of medusas and grimlocks, Juniper returned to the ship some time later. She brought on board a gift from the gnomish bard after impressing him with her version of a folk song she sings to keep ear worm melodies out of her head. Her gift, a silent songbird in a small cage, seemingly malnourished and lacking a few feathers. On board she set about cleaning up his iron cage, and feeding him bits of toast and dried fish.

    It was here on the Opportunity she would keep her new birdie friend because, she didn't want her cat, Mojo the Cat back at her family camp in the old Romani Pass, to think her birdie friend was a kitty treat. The poor songbird was dubbed, Tweetie.