Mako brings up the current state of the mines

  • Peltarch Employee

    Mako would approach with a formal proposal to the current Lord of Highhold.

    "I would like to make a suggestion to help the profitability of our Hold by allowing for people to purchase a mine pass to enter our mines if not citizens of High Hold. I'd argue there are some pretty good resources down there, but we don't have many active adventurers or crafters in high hold to go deep to mine and utilize such. I'd like to make it so when Adventurers go down that aren't citizens of High Hold, they pay a 1 time fee of 1000 to 1500 coin in order to be allowed in the mine to collect whatever they want in the first place. I would argue that while the resources that under the mountain 'belong to us', they technically really don't as no efforts have been made to actually defend that claim from the monsters below. Alsoy with the now accessible trinkets that let people Recall back home and just disappear with the resources, this will ensure that we always profit from people going to visit."

    She'd pause for a moment to let things be considered, then would add-

    "Income is income. Only stronger adventurers and resource collecting groups can brave actually harvesting the resources on the lower floors, and demanding a share of resources collected. Also, include a caveat that people are only allowed to take what they can carry on their group, so no professional long term operations. Please consider my words for the prosperity of Blackbridge, thank you."

  • Scoffs I was agreeing with you, and was being respectful. mocks a bow

    Just stating facts.

    Shrugs and wanders off.

    ///If it were a "private" meeting, you should have sent a PM.

  • Peltarch Employee

    Mako has no clue why Sam is at the meeting and lets him know its High Holders talking, though in forms him that he should conduct himself in a more appropriate, respectful manner and something like this is to everyone's benefit.

  • shrugs

    High Hold does not control the deeper parts of the mountain, including the Underdark. Therefore, they have no rightful claim on those deeper resources.

    That said, they do control the only entrance to get to those resources, as far as I know. It would be right for them to charge miners for that access.