The Path to Power - A Dark Storyline

  • Every villain is the hero of their own story.

    Dark shadows in Narfell hide equally dark deeds, as a group find themselves on the path to glory or ruin. Bound together by mutual interest, and isolated from the world at large due to their reputation, a group of outcasts, misfits and exiles must do anything it takes to try and secure their futures. Will they rise to the top, or will they perish like so many who came before them?

    I am gauging interest in an storyline that will involve evil and neutral PCs. The idea is that this storyline will involve working with dark forces, and doing nefarious deeds, in the name of securing power and whatever future it is your character wants. While you do not have to be evil, the idea is that your PC is someone who is willing to work with these forces. The PCs will have no place in regular Narfell's society, and the towns will see them as criminals and outcasts.

    The PCs in this event will start at a higher level. The events that make up this storyline will be scheduled in advance, and if you no longer wish to attend, the PC will be automatically retired. For the most part, the PCs will only be played during these events, as again they are seen as outcasts and exiles from society at large.

    As a final note I would prefer that the PCs are not comically murderous or refuse to work with groups, at least to the point of literally disrupting the groups activity. Make PCs that actually will work together, evil or not, even if it's only for their selfish desires.

    If you are interested, send me a DM to my forum account about your character idea.