Build 916E

  • Its_a_fire
    • Spawner triggers adjustments.
    • Flesh to Stone effect now persists after the caster rests (and you might also be able to rest next to your fresh statue).
    • Option to apply custom faction for individual spawners (see Dev documentation).
    • Floating feedback while inside the suffocating aura of voidwraiths should be less spammy, but no less suffocating.
    • Fixed mysterious disappearance of purple apples sold by Kront's Perom.
    • EZ Merchants Set-Up dialogues can have now race/gender/address/special conversation tokens.
    • Imported Yesterday (ft. The Beatles & @Goddess-of-Spite ) to the module.
    • Updated discoveryxp.2da.

  • Hotfix:

    • No Rest flag deactivated in Yesterday areas.

  • Goddess of Spite + its_a_fire

    • New destination wedding option: Pocket Plane of Elemental Fire. Bring your acid-proof bathing suit and fixins for s'mores because the toasty entrance awaits! Send your love for the smoggy atmosphere to Goddess of Spite.