Caramella's Candy Bags (descriptions)

  • While all of Caramella Bestefaren's goods share the same unique characteristics as her brand of arcana, namely 'sweet', she appears to be experimenting with different lines of products, each tailored to suit specific preconceived needs. The different bag styles are currently as follows:

    Swag Bag - these pirate inspired bags come in matted licorice black and a glossier custard yellow, with candy coins for buttons (the licorice ones with the traditional skull and bones imprinted on their surface, and the custard ones covered with faux gold foil). The gingerbread-styled label depicting the maker even has a wee eye-patch, how tough!

    Haul It - the robust 'Haul It' line has comfy, marshmallowy padding on the reinforced shoulderstraps by which to obey the label's upbeat instruction. It's a generously sized bag, usually available in bright strawberry red, with soft white marshmallow buttons.

    Drink It - this bag has many soft padded compartments within it, some big enough for whole bottles of liquid, and others more suited for vials and tinctures of various kinds. The inside of this bag is coated in some sort of rubbery, water-proof substance, which is green and smells faintly of sour apples. The outside is a striking teal, with little fizzy candy-pop bottles for buttons.

    Sell It - each 'Sell It' bag has a higgeldy-piggeldy pattern of different colours, shapes and sizes strewn across a tawny leather background. While highly abstract, one might imagine this oblong to be a shield, that coiling swirl a whip and the streak of white perhaps a blade. Or, much like Caramella's own cloak, the pattern is that of candies, spilled and scattered invitingly. Inside, it's simple but sturdy, fit for stuffing just about any sellable object into it.

    Cure It - this bag has a distinctly different look to the rest, shaped much like a doctor's bag with a flat, steady bottom. It's designed not to sling over one's shoulders but to be carried by hand, opening in the front to reveal surprisingly ample room for all one's bandages, balms, potions, lotions and perhaps the odd medicinal mushroom. The clasp itself is in fact shaped like two interlocking mushrooms in soft marshmallow pink, while the leather's hued a peppy apple green.

    Wear It - this fashionable pink shopping bag-styled item slings over one's shoulder by a long strap. It's lightweight and stretchy, yet durable enough to fit all manner of wearables, from soft gowns to a fullplate and helm. Little gummy bears in different outfits line the rim of the bag, which closes with a striking top-hat button in bright green, not unlike Caramella's own.

    Store It - this one looks more like a box than a bag, shaped like a cube clad in smooth brown leather. It does have straps attached, should one wish to carry it around, but seems designed mostly to fit neatly on a shelf. The container is adorned with sugarlike frosting, akin to a gingerbread house without the roof, and naturally the lid closes with bright gumdrop buttons.

    Ka-Boom! - this bag is bright yellow, the buttons shaped like candy-styled warning signs with fiery explosion icons on them. Inside, it's heavily lined with a black, licorice-like substance - supposedly explosion-proof! Just large enough to stuff a powder keg into, this is surely the bag of choice for the enterprising gnomish inventor!

    Snac-Pac - this cutesy lunchbox styled container's big enough to pack your whole week's food into. It comes in various colours according to the designer's whims, and has a hinged lid with a pretty gobstobber button. Inside, it's glossy white as though covered in frosting, and has been lightly enchanted to stay at an ever cool temperature.

  • "Attention, shoppers! Introducing the complementary twin bag to the 'Boost It', for all your defensive needs!"

    Block It - this little backpack resembles the Boost It in both shape and colour, though instead of arrows, it's decorated with shields formed from frosting and gumdrops in bright neon colours. The little gnomish figure embossed into the leather's striking a fierce pose with a small round shield, or possibly just a dinner plate!

  • "Attention, adventuring customers! Introducing, the handy-dandy bag for all your empowering needs!"

    Boost It - this compact little backpack is a semi-matt black, curiously reminiscent of licorice. Jagged, chubby arrows pointing up run along the sides in neon pink, glossy frosting decor, while the inside holds a practical array of pockets and compartments for scrolls, potions and wands along the sides, with a larger compartment in the middle. Embossed into the black leather is a small gnomish figure with a top hat, striking a weight-lifting pose with what might be tiny dumb-bells.

  • Attention customers! Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Bear It - now with genuine dire bear fuzz and extra comfortable shoulder straps, relieving weight!!"

    Bear It - almost ridiculously adorable, this bag is shaped much like a teddy bear, which clings to the wearer's back. The lid has little round teddy ears, and gumdrop eyes gleaming in licorice black. Chubby little paws rest along the straps, adjustable to place them decoratively onto one's shoulder. The new 'Bear It' comes in brown, white and black, just like the original, but sports a cuddly fuzzy exterior. As if that's not enough, the bag's newfangled design allows for weight reduction of an increased proportion - what's not to love?

    (This is a Travellers Bag with 60 % weight reduction of contents)

  • "Attention crafter customers! Introducing the new and EXTRA hard-wearing LICORICE-enhanced crafting bags!!!"

    Smelt It - this sack-shaped, large and roomy bag is coated in sweet, matt licorice, further reinforced with a spiderweb's mesh of white and pink frosting that keeps the stretchy material from bending 'too' much at the accumulated weight of stone, ore and ingots packed inside by the industrious crafter.

    Pelt It - this bag resembles the 'Smelt It', but lacks the meshwork frosting. Instead, the 'Pelt It' has a reinforced bottom, internally coated with a peculiar rubbery substance which the maker claims will make it easy to rinse from runny, freshly skinned pelts. There are also small round holes perforating it all along the licorice surface, interspersed with gumdrops in the same size.

    Log It - oblong and with a soft slots running along its sides, this bag is designed to keep your precious timber tightly packed and stacked. It's matt black licorice like the rest, but with horizontal stripes in bright green, pink and yellow here and there along the sides.

  • Caramella posts a bright custard yellow note to the stall once again. It reads as follows:

    "Attention customers! Not one, but two new DE-LUX bags introduced today!"

    Gift Bag - this bag is made of a particularily fine material, almost resembling paper though soft and hard-wearing like leather. It is coated in wide, glossy lines of various colours, all with a striking metallic hue, and tied together at the top with a big, red bow. Perfect for that special gift that deserves the finest of wrapping!

    Care Kit - this chubby, heart-shaped bag with a single strap can be carried as a hand-bag or slung over one's shoulder. It's glossy red and made of a peculiarily stretchy gummy-like material, both fine-grained and thin. The top lid is fastened with a cute gumdrop button. Why, this looks just about big enough to fit a box of chocolates or whatever else you might gift someone with by means of caring!

  • After having sold out her bags three times in short succession, a harried but beaming Caramella hauls a fresh batch over with a cutesy note attached to the stall itself, reading thusly:

    "Attention! NEW candies included with your purchase!!! ~Caramella Bestefaren~"

  • Introducing the sweet new models of Candy Bags (each rumoured to contain a random caramel of the creator's own making):

    Stuff It - this big, puffy backpack looks like a stylized white marshmallow cloud. It's rather of a roomy size to begin with, but the bulbous shape of it allows one to cram things into it, any which way. There's an unknown, stretchy, gelatinous material merged with the leather to give this bag that extra room to stuff it, in accordance to the cutesy label's text.

    Bear It - almost ridiculously adorable, this bag is shaped much like a teddy bear, which clings to the wearer's back. The lid has little round teddy ears, and gumdrop eyes gleaming in licorice black. Chubby little paws rest along the straps, adjustable to place them decoratively onto one's shoulder. The 'Bear It' comes in brown, white and black, although it's rumoured the even cuter miniature version known as the 'Baby Bear It' can be ordered in any pastel colour of one's choosing.