Humour: 12 Qualifications for Prospective DM's

  • Humourous List for prospective DM's (There will be 12 as D12 is the best dice) 😄

    1. Have you read a history book, a middle ages, roman or iron age history book? More than 10? More than 1 qualification in history, More than one past life in positions of historical power? Were you Alexander the Great's chief eunuch?

    2. Are you familiar with politics other than modern ones and societies heirachy utterly different from your own, have you taken political office, are you a philosopher king?

    3. Have you travelled and experienced any radicaly different culture other than your own, or have close associates of wildly different faiths or philosophies (animist, polytheistic, monotheistic) Are you a god or intend to be one?

    4. Do you know at least 2 TSR / WoTC game book authors, do you know them well enough for them to greet you over a crowd at a convention, do you know them "like that"?

    5. Have you read more than a few fantasy fiction books, more than a few dozen, more fantasy books than Wyw? Have you written any fiction, any books, more than one? More than one pulitzer prize?

    6. Can you pretty much go-to among the back catalog of D&D / Forgotten Realm books to find oujt something you don't already know but anticipate needing to know for your next adventure ideas? i.e. know about vampires, in history, in wider fiction, in different cultures? In FR? In other D&D settings in other RPG settings? Are you a vampire?

    7. Have you played a PnP game, as a DM, at a convention, played more than one campaign over a number of weeks/months? Have you actually played round a table, round a bespoke table designated and your house was build around your hobby? Have you emigrated to another country to be nearer a PnP scene? Have you been to GenCon, did you go to the first one?

    8. Do players come to you for advice, to vent their frustrations, for character ideas for tactical advice? For rules or lore advice? For personal advice? For life-coach advice? As a member of your own personal cult of berzerkers?

    9. Are you familiar with cosmologies and pantheons in game systems, in FR, in more than one setting, on more than one pantheon, in past lives in more than one pantheonic real world setting, on an alien world? In your own personal dimension?

    10. Do you own a dice-set, more than one, more than one dozen? More than one of every type, enough dice to roll damage for demogorgon? Dice stolen from a casino? Dice made to your own bespoke design. Or dice literally obey your will under the principle of mentalism?

    11. Do you have any good story ideas? Story ideas which are loved by most people you know? Story ideas you tell standing up to close friends, around a fire, are you paid to tell stories, paid to speak in grand occasions? Have you spoken at a political rally or demonstration? Have you raised millions to your cause (and lived to tell the tale?)

    12. Have you read a choose your own adventure book? More than 3? Have you completed crown of kings without cheating? More than one time through Maelstrom? Every choose your own adventure book by Ian Livingstone? More than one boared game by a choose your own adventure author. More than one copy of the "Illuminati" game? You are in the Illuminati?

  • lol no wonder the DM team is so exclusive!