Build 916D

  • Dorakhan

    • NWN optimizations (better area loading times and others)

    Godess of Spite

    • New area design

    Goddess of Spite + its_a_fire

    • New vacation must: Pocket Plane of Negative Energy. This creepy lab has more options than Build-A-Bear! If you can find the buried entrance, send your kudos for the squicky interiors to Goddess of Spite.


    • Dev Tools: OnExamine language and skill checks (see forum).

    Lence + Dorakhan

    • Detected and added missing scripts to some areas that are supposed to give discovery xp.


    • Reduced spawning rates to get Skilled Outcast Raumviris (on foot and riders) dramatically for certain encounters.
    • DMs Possessing creatures with custom AI (Nilbogs, Hydras, Blackpuddings, etc.) should not break their special behavior anymore (notify if something weird happens). -- Thanks to @KingCreeper for all the testing!
    • AI tweaks.
    • Overriding the Hit Points of a creature with the !dm_npc hp override command should now work as intended.