A Dance With Demons - Endgame

  • The time has come. After years of struggle against the last breed of demons that happened upon Narfell, years of pain, loss, and deception, a window has opened to take down the perpetrator that threatens with turning Narfell into her own playground, to end her, and all the suffering she has caused.

    This will not be an easy task. A dare, a suicidal leap into the Abyss itself. Who will heed the call? Who will step up to the challenge? Who will embrace battle? Who will defy destiny?

    //OOC: Please reply if you have involvement with the plot and want to take part in the finale, so I can properly tune the challenge and the rewards. The event will be run on Thursday (4th of August). As a heads up, there is a possibility that it will be too long and may have to be finished on Saturday/Sunday (6th-7th of August), meaning that the characters embarked would be unplayable during this period of time, as they would be stuck in the Abyss.

    I will have to do limited slots for this one, since it will be a very intense event to run from the DM client, so previous involvement, research, familiarity with the events, and work done towards unfolding the plot and defeating the demon invasion will be taken into account.

    In that regard, thank you all who have participated so far, and even those that may not make it will be rewarded in some way.. Hope to see you all there!

  • Thanks to all those who showed up! We'll continue with the same group on Saturday, 6-7 PM CEST.

    Hopefully we'll finish the expedition itself and we can leave for Sunday the wrapup and final NPC interactions and consequences that will depend on how successful the PCs are in their endeavours.

    Hope to see as many of you as possible there!

  • DM

    I'd like to take part with Ros if possible

  • @wildling said in A Dance With Demons - Endgame:

    First interadctions will begin tonight probably around 18:00-19:00 CEST, good chance it will all be wrapped up through the weekend.

    That will have to be without Sebrienne then, as it's in the middle of my work day (noon - 1pm my time). I wish everyone luck!

  • First interactions will begin tonight probably around 18:00-19:00 CEST, good chance it will all be wrapped up through the weekend.

  • Is there a set time on this kicking off yet?

  • Peltarch Employee

    SO the place I'm staying at is having an electrician come Thursday to do some work. I don't know if they'll be shutting off everything or not, but I might have to be gone for part of the event because of it, hopefully not though

  • If you happen to have one more spot, After Everyone Else that has more Priority takes their spot.
    Atlas Fullcrest can join, minor amounts of research done.
    Available every week day after 12pm (Noon) Monday-Friday and at any and all times on the weekend. Just let me know.

  • George will be available on Thursday, at least. Might not make it the other days, but I'll try. I'm okay with putting characters on hold while they are in the Abyss.

  • Peltarch Employee

    I'd like to bring Varya for this, I should be available when it happens

  • Aoth is available Thursday. I have events offline in the early evening (EDT) both Saturday and Sunday, but can be on in my afternoon.

  • I will be available through Saturday, but will be traveling on Sunday and unavailable. My issue will likely be time zones. Euro-DM events during the week often start when I'm still at work. Generally available 5pm GMT-4, although Friday I would be available 4pm GMT-4

    Sebrienne and to a lesser degree, Meadow and Autumn have been involved.

  • Rey will be available on Thursday for sure (though I may be travelling on the weekend).

  • Jonni should be available. I am on vacation this week!

  • Isolde stands ready to boldly go into the Abyss - while Nica prepares to do her part in assisting with clearing up any remaining invasion points still befouling Narfell itself!