Atlas Fullcrest

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    ((// I can't draw or use any pc art programs, so these are kinda the best I can get you, just add on a year or two to the appearance's //))

    Atlas is a young man appearing nearly 19 years old, with white hair reaching down just enough to cover half of his bright ruby red eyes, with a scar across the left cheek of his smooth face. Atlas stands around 6 feet and 2 inches tall with an adequately muscled build and fair skin.

    His normal clothing is black with his scarf wrapped around his neck over an amulet hidden underneath he received both from his lost protector at a younger age. Being told the amulet would ward off evil and misfortune, that he still almost always manages to find either way. His clothes are a long sleeve shirt with another t-shirt like cloth over it with a glove on his left hand keeping the arm and hand well out of sight with his scimitar sheathed close to it for him to rest his gloved hand their when he's anxious or on edge.

    He's often seen with a grin and laughing, trying to have a good time with those around him, whither it be him sitting back to listen while maybe just teasing Elliot, or even with his face deep in his notebook scribbling who knows what about the things he sees, thinks, feels, or learns. When he's not off training recklessly towards improving his swordsmanship and thinking of strategies to make up for his shortcomings, you'll often see him looking high and low for any of the friends he considers "'His' people"; Elliot or Lady Chea being the top of the list. Or even the rest of "The Knights of the meat sandwi(t)ch", including the mascot "Porkmac", as well as Lady Juniper and the Mojo she speaks of.

    Atlas has a love for cooking and food, as well as learning, music, and trying to find some inner balance.
    Even when his inner balance is what he often struggles with the most.