Build 916B

  • Tpickles
    • Tweaks to RLG: items multiple properties from the same type should no longer happen (hopefully)
    • Tweaks and improvements on how loot chests generate RLG (quantity, rarity, properties) and other loot
    • Fixed missing non-RLG loot in random loot chests (Included in areas like Norwick Tombs, Peltarch sewers, etc)
    • More tweaks and improvements behind the curtain
    • Transition fix for Hin Hold Bailey
    • Fixed glitch that did not clean Hinhold Merchants when a store is closed
    Godess of Spite (99%) and Seisan (1%)
    • New Bezentil Interiors Area
    • Bezentil Exterior updates and tweaks
    • Creature and areas tweaks
    • Brooch of Shielding sold in Kront should no longer be a scam
    • Oscura - Alternate Mine Shaft Lower and Upper should now yield discovery xp
    • Corrected metal page index for Vanity Plates dialogue
    • Zu-Zalka's Boss Angel of Decay respawning cooldown was increased by 200%
    • discoveryxp.2da updated
    • New !recall chat command which will open the Relic of Recall menu (assuming you posses one in your inventory)