Elliott Lancord

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    Elliott has a boyish face despite his age, with a parchment-like skin tone and freckles dotting the bridge of his nose. With green in his eyes and copper in his hair, he looks like the average lantanna- or would, if it wasn’t for his elemental chaos induced piebaldism after a confrontation with the entity known as Dust. Since then, his hair now has white chunks and streaks growing out of his scalp, he has white in his irises, and white lesions are found dotted across his skin, converging most around his neck, where he had been grabbed at the time. Of other visible note is a large scar across the side of his mouth (the result of falling while running on a wet dock as a kid and busting his lip), and a few piercings in his ears. Less visibly, he’s still pretty body conscious to this day of a scar stretching across his torso from a gnoll’s scythe, and stretch marks across his left leg from a hasty regrowth.

    When questioned about why he wouldn't have these things healed or removed magically, he laughs with a scratch of his head, always saying something along the lines of "I don't want to forget what I've learned, or go back to who I used to be."

    He’s rarely caught wearing anything without a shade of saffron yellow somewhere on him, and NEVER seen without his holy symbol of Gond fastened somewhere on his torso, usually affixed as a clasp on his cloak. A thick, heavy notebook is always holstered off of his belt, seeming to bulge with pieces of paper jutting out at all edges, and loops on the front holding a few stubby pencils.

    Elliott is most often seen in his adventuring gear: A set of chain gifted to him by the Elemental Union, a Gondar toolbag slung across his torso, a hefty cloak with the symbol of Gond on the back that seems to have metal thread woven through it, and a set of be-goggled leather headgear with red lenses. He sort of smells like forge smoke and almost audibly crackles if you stand near him for too long- evidence of whatever fearful or unneeded modifications he’s made to anything on his person in an episode of ‘Divine Inspiration’.


    Almost exactly similar to a mage’s summons, Elliott has built himself a variety of mechanical “friends” to help on his adventures. The majority of them are named after potato dishes, Elliott claiming he’s often hungry for potatoes when making them.

    LATKA - The most likely to appear in a pinch. At first glance, it looks like a Hound Archon, until closer inspection reveals it’s a mechanical dog-man made in one’s image, clicking and whirring as it smacks things with a sword.

    HASHBROWN - A small knife that hovers about and jabs at the toes of enemies.

    FRIES - A large mechanical cat that makes gear grinding noises as it clamps down on enemies with its mecha-maw.

    TATER TOT - Most often mistaken as Elliott’s familiar of sorts, the little mechanical spider was originally intended to be a portable heating device, though whether it’s Narfell’s extremely cold clime or miscalculation on Elliott’s end, the most Tater Tot usually does is vent hot air in people’s faces.

    TINKER - Elliott’s actual registered familiar, the mechanical fairy dragon is clearly one of his earlier prototypes, flitting about and bumping into things, falling to the ground often, and making some uncomfortable gear-grinding noises. Despite this, or maybe because of this, Elliott loves Tinker all the same.


    Over his time in Narfell, Elliott has made some pretty big strides in who he is as a person. Compared to the more timid, risk-averse pushover he was on arrival, he's become more confident, willing to stand up in conflict, and genuinely cheery. Due in no short amount to the sheer amount of trouble he's stumbled into and survived, reconciling with events in his past, and consistent reassurance from his partner, Morgan Azzen.

    Elliott’s first language is lantanese, which shows in his speech patterns. He speaks quite fast and excitably, with an accent that can best be described as “human elvish” in cadence. He also has a habit of writing in lantanese’s draconic script over common when left to his own devices. He’s also quite open about his appreciation for gnomish language, design, and food, given his upbringing around the rock gnomes of Lantan.

    Elliott’s position in the church of Gond is a Seeker after Small Things, a confirmed priest in the clergy. He received the promotion from Master Braka as recognition for his work in Narfell, after spending most of his church career as a priest in training.

    It’s a fairly well known non-secret that Elliott’s actual name is Edoric, which he changed “To fit in better!! But also so mainlanders would stop saying and spelling my name weird!!” ...They continue to always spell his name wrong regardless, though


    PC status: Active

    Class: Cleric/Wizard /Mystic Theurge

    Playstyle: support oriented

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