Elliott Lancord

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    Elliott Lancord, and his loud laughter, aren't very hard to miss!

    Standing at about 5'11, Elliott is built lanky for an adventurer, but he carries himself with good posture and a perpetual grin. Well, despite tugging on his collar or the straps of his armor every so often, loudly complaining about how restrictive he finds it, or how he's sure it's 'ruining his approachability'.

    His green eyes and coppery hair make him easy to recognize as Lantanna, and he has freckles across his skin from lots of time in the sun. Elliott's hair is short and messy, with his face framed by two braids, and goggles with red lenses keep the rest of his messy hair out of his eyes. He's got a boyish face, and notably, he has a large scar across the right side of his mouth, as well as a few piercings in his ears.

    He's rarely seen wearing anything that's not some shade of yellow, and NEVER caught without his holy symbol of Gond proudly displayed somewhere on his torso. His hands are often in a rough looking pair of heavy work gloves, which are tucked into his belt when not worn. He has a few too many pouches sewn into his belt, pants, and even straps on his boots- each stuffed with some sort of toolset, nails and screws, or bits and bobs he believes 'can and will be useful later!'

    While able to cast a few spells, Elliott's strength primarily comes from his inventions. He has an assortment of metal whirring gadgets that can make people stronger or hardier, and prides himself on his patented 'Wound Glue'. The effects may not last too long, but Elliott doesn't seem to mind, taking notes with a smile on "how to improve the next model!!"

    In the short time Elliott has been in Narfell, a few things have preceded him in reputation.

    • He's rarely seen apart from his companion, Lambert. The two of them run amok gathering supplies, and then spend hours in the Peltarch crafting hall using it all, only to rinse and repeat with the chanting of prayer in between. Elliott has made a home for himself by the forge, in particular. He hasn't made anything of worth yet, but seems unfazed by the massive pile of mangled copper in his wake, laughing "I'm no stranger to failure. Don't worry, I'll definitely get it right this next go, and be helpful to everyone before you know it!!"

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    • Elliott can't cook for the life of him. He might once in a while make something edible, but that's not saying much. He produces over-salted charcoal almost every time he tries. He's fully reliant on Lambert, taverns, or anyone willing to cook out of pity for him to eat anything of substance. He does want to become better at it though, if only to return the favor to Lambert at least once.

    • He takes after the Lantanna stereotype, and absolutely cannot stand the cold. He'll shiver and complain all the way to the nearest fire, bulked up in all the clothing he can drape on himself, as though he's a shambling mound of coats.

    • Similar to Lambert, Elliott is a Gondsman, though he ranks lower in the clergy than his companion. But unlike Lambert, Elliott has spent time studying and incorporating the arcane into his inventions. He blathers on about wanting to make the quality of life for everyone in faerun better, provide more accessibility and equality through invention, and that the arcane is another tool to that end. ...It's one of the few things he talks about with a solemn face and serious tone, and always followed by hushed conversation in Lantanese with Lambert afterwards. Seems like he has a very personal motivation.