Caramella Bestefaren

  • Attitude:

    Caramella, perhaps typically for a gnome, appears near perpetually cheerful, finding interest in almost any situation that comes her way, from the mundane to the downright life threatening. That is, if she actually pays attention to what's going on around her. All too often, one might find her attention drifting, either to whatever book she might be perusing or simply off into her own thoughts. So second nature does this habit seem to be that she'll not even flinch at being swivelled around by the shaft of her mage's staff by kindly friends, allies or her ice mephit butler, Frosty, before bumping into walls or off a cliff.

    A state of mild but genial surprise at the world around her is a look commonly found on Caramella's face, after a few rapid blinks to shake off confusion. When thoroughly enthused - typically by matters relating to her own research - she'll brighten further and speed up the pace of her speech until, quite possibly, only her fellow gnomes might follow. The dazed look of incomprehension on other peoples faces when she does this rarely seems to register with Caramella. She'll simply beam and blather on regardless.


    Caramella is thin and wiry but astonishingly spry for a wizard who presumably spends the majority of her time in a library or laboratory. Perhaps her tendency to get lost has something to do with it, or her excitable manner of jogging nearly everywhere. Though likely approaching her middle years by now, her hair remains an unremarkable mousy blonde, as yet unstreaked by grey and her skin kissed with a golden tan. Her hazel eyes are large and often squinting in search of the round-rimmed glasses she'll frequently have misplaced somewhere.

    Clothing and Equipment:

    Towering ontop of Caramella's head is an almost comically large ornate hat, which somehow stays in place throughout all her adventures. Though it may change colours according to her whim, the hat is always the same shape - an oversized tophat with the Bestefaren family seal adorning its front. The hat serves as her storage area for all sorts of peculiar things, for within it lies a whole pocket plane, the full size and content of which remains somewhat of a mystery even to Caramella herself. Rumour around Spellweaver's Keep has it that she's suffered a persistant cockatrice infestation within the hat in past years. Surely just a rumour!

    Underneath the big hat, she currently wears a wizard's helmet, and underneath -that-, a small but gem-studded hat which in the right light may dazzle onlookers - a prank she's delighted to play, when she remembers taking all the other hats off, that is.

    Aside from the hat, Caramella seems to favour a green-tipped mage's staff of very humble power. It does, however, come with its own umbrella folded up inside, released from its top with a push of a slender button set into the shaft. The umbrella's material is a strange, rubbery, translucent green which smells kind of like sour apples if one gets really close to it.

    Caramella's clothing is always in bright colours, typically including a custard-like yellow and vivid green apple hue. Her cloak's adorned with a haphazard pattern of different shaped colour chunks, much like pieces of candy spilled out of a bag. Enchantment-wise, most of it is pretty modest and she relies heavily on her magic to shield her.

    Combat style:

    Caramella calls herself a "confectionary wizard" and watching her in combat, it's easy to understand why. She'll hurl lobbies of what appears to be sticky gummy bears at her foes, aiming for the eyes or mouth, blinding or downright choking her opponents. Some of these gummies are sour, others minty or sweet, according to her whim. At times she changes to rays of pure sugary frosting, pelting her foes with cheerful mirth.

    She favours different kinds of trickery. Her Treacle Traps seem particularily potent, translucent syrup enveloping her opponent to solidify and render them unable to move. Whether this is a mere illusionary look to an otherwise quite normal Hold spell is hard to say unless you're well versed in magic, though she claims to draw power to her particular brand of arcana from various sweet substances and has a special adaptation to nearly every one she's mastered.

    Anyone who's adventured more extensively with Caramella will know a few of these spells, such as her special adaptation of Stoneskin, coating a warrior in tough, sugary white glossiness. It even tastes sweet, should anyone actually try it. It is, of course, referred to as Frosting. Her Haste spells are called Sugar Rushes, and does fill those affected with a giddy ate-too-much-sugar burst of speed. And so on...