Bertram Walbriar

  • Bertram Walbriar


    Vermilion, amber, and auburn feature prominently upon his attire, which is usually nearly full plated armor. Its metal is forged in a motif of branches and foliage. In the center is the symbol of a unicorn, against an autumn canopy. This symbol also appears on the cloak. The helmet is fashioned with a horn design in the golden steel, which protrudes at the forehead. Sheathed at his hip is a blade. The pommel resembles a leaf.

    Known History:

    He has only recently arrived in Narfell, and is thus preceded by little renown and a scant, sparse history. He has traveled with and helped certain adventurers. He otherwise wages a personal campaign against the gnolls in the woods west of the Nars, and the giants in the mountains to the north.

    Thematic Music:

    Revere the Fall.