Build 916A

  • DrDreadlock

    • Plot maps for Wildling.
    • Tweaks to Blackbridge Crypt's Dungeon
    • Addition of new Dungeons in Peltarch * Crypts (Level 4-6)
    • Addition of Gnoll Bosses and new style maps. (Levels 7-10)
    • Lots of CR changes to spawns.
    • Witch and Seer patio with food/drinks revision.
    • Misty Caves lost random spawns. Now meant for level 7's fully.
    • Lots of minor map changes.
    • New monster additions.
      (Special thanks to Lence for the import help.)


    • Curious Curios shop added in Peltarch (map courtesy of DrDreadlock)! (This is replacing the old Droibo's location, exploration XP should remain the same as that location, so if you have an old PC, do not expect exploration XP.) In addition to other items sold, check out the Relic of Recall !
    • Relic of Recall added - for some (sizeable) initial cost, you can use your spawnpoint keys to port anywhere on the server once every 6 RL hours (if you are not in combat and not heavily encumbered; also note it will not let you port to the same area you're currently in, mostly as a QoL safety).
    • Fixed horse/riding bug


    • Dramatically reduced the chance Vanished Riders can spawn among a group in the Endgame zone
    • Custom names given to creatures should persist now when skinning and salvaging raw meat