Elizabeth Fisher

  • Reyhenna Jorino

    Previously known as Elizabeth Fisher, during her controversial affiliation with Peltarch's Royal Family.

    Her tall figure is well built, muscles honed from years in full armour, hefting the ever-present greatsword slung across her back. Her blue eyes are expressive; bright when her interest is roused, and her brow all too quick to settle into a scowl when irritated.

    Her long hair is a pale blonde, which she keeps tied back when she dons her armour (though she rarely deigns to wear a helmet).

    Outside of battle she has a sedentary demeanor, preferring to slouch in place and watch the world move around her. When roused to movement, her long impatient strides almost betray a frustration that she hasn't arrived at her destination yet. She must be in her fifties at least, but her appearance remains youthful.

    When not clad in Defender Green, or the stately blue of her dress uniform, her outfits often favour blacks, golds and crimsons.

    She speaks with a light northern accent, sounding more noticeably Damaran when resorting to vulgarities or expletives. She tends to speaks in clipped short sentences with strangers or those she dislikes, but can often be observed speaking at length with those she knows, or on topics that enflame her passions. When fancy takes her she sometimes engages in idle rhymes or limericks.


    When she first arrived in Narfell, she went exclusively by Reyhenna Jorino, the mercenary alias she concocted for herself, until it emerged her father was the city herald, Damian Fisher. Upon the public revelation that this was a falsehood, she has since reverted to her adventuring alias.

    Prior to joining the Defenders, she served time in Gaol for a charge of Necromancy, with rumours abound of consorting with demons.

    She has briefly served, on separate occasions, as Acting Defender General as well as Regent of Peltarch.

    She is known to be irrationally repulsed and terrified by mushrooms, particularly myconids and larger fungal monsters.

    She has a generally dismissive attitude to any "southern" country in general, and Sembia in particular.

    Despite several run-ins with the law, criminal trials and public disputes, she consistently claims her public career has been built on defending the rule of law from "usurpers, tyrants, bandits, madmen, conspirators and bards".

    When leading Defender soldiers in battle, she invariably uses the battlecry "For the Jewel!" rather than "For the King!".

    She was known to have taken many lovers, sailors in particular, in her youth while rising in the Defender ranks, a practice that has tapered off dramatically in recent years.

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