Build 916

  • DrDreadlock

    • Blackbridge Crypts spawn changes. Boss spawn additions. Levels 4-6. (I hope 😄 )
    • The Blackbridge Crypts - Halls of the Honoured have been redone as a test for Dynamic Dungeons. Level 7-8. Be careful.
    • Some CR tweaks to some creatures.
    • New spawns made for crypts.


    • Tweaks to awakened creatures.
    • Tweaks to the Lost City areas.


    • Small creatures can now use large shields to get Shield Bearer PrC buffs.
    • Tweaks to how targeting mode and chat commands are handled in the server.
    • Tweaks to how loot chest generate multi-rlg


    • Encounter lines tweaks in the master list.


    • The Cold Road has been expanded (End Game Encounters).
    • The Long Road (Eastern Reaches) has been expanded (End Game Encounters).
    • New Cloudy Plains areas with End Game Plain encounters.
    • End Game Encounter Tweaks to Eastern Passage.

    **Disclaimer: explore the new areas prepared and with a party. I. e.: bring either a horse or speed/expeditious retreat potions in case you need to run away.

    • Added a lot of new humanoid creatures (including centaurs, road bandits and riders).
    • Nerfs to Orglashes: their AC was really high for no reason at all.
    • New NPC rider mechanics: PCs can Force Dismount a rider NPC if they land a Critical Hit and their attack roll is greater than the NPC's Ride Skill + d20.
    • Updated discovery 2da with 18 entries.
    • Updated travel.2da
    • New global narf_on_attack script.
    • Tweaks to how the CR is increased when randomizing the Hit Die of a creature during the spawning event. (May still need to do more maths and calcs in the future).
    • Tweaks to how much CR is increased when applying lesser boss and true boss templates to some creatures.