Build 915C

  • DrDreadlock

    • CR Updates to several spawns for levels 4-6 and level 7-8.
    • Map updates to several maps for spawn tables and Boss Spawns.


    • Encounter list tweaks.


    • Stonepeak shop tweaks.

    Gonnar and Seisan

    • Tweaked/increased the points of some RLG loot chests around the world to be more rewarding. (Undead Orc Fort and Black Waters are still the juicy winners. So go there if you dare).
    • CR increased for some Bugbears for level 10-13.


    • Raw meat, eggs and fish (items that do not come from burchering) will now display the correct name when cooked.
    • For Shield Bearers: changed Glow Light visual effect for Pulse Aura to make it more immersive (and less translucent).
    • Added new !deity command for PCs (gives feedback about your current deity and if it's set).
    • New chat commands for DMs. Type !help and look for:
    1. !set deity command to set a creature deity.
    2. !rename -area command to rename any unattached area of the module (force renaming is available but you gotta ask how in Dev channel).
    3. !dm_npc racial template [exact racial template name] [optional: no racial tag] command to give racial template (like construct, skeleton, native outsider, lifeleech, etc.) properties/effects/rlg to a creature.
    4. !dm_limbo all command, which is in beta state and you may need to type it twice to actually limbo all normal spawns of an area.
    5. !dm_destroy all creatures command, which is also in beta state and you may want to use it only in dire situations (or in unattached areas) because currently it breaks re-pop or spawning event cycles.
    • !copy and !pasted transmutation tokens should no longer stack.
    • Added racial template functionality to spawn boss event set-up (you can append up to three racial templates to apply to your creature). See Dev documentation.
    • Added racial template functionality to normal and random spawner set-up (you can append up to three racial templates to apply to all creatures created through that spawner). See Dev documentation.
    • inc_racial.nss has been expanded and cleaned up.
    • Creature palcus updated.

  • Hotfix

    • Enviromental effects should be active again.
    • Self-murder prevention for omnimentals.