Build 915B

  • DrDreadlock

    • Giants spawning and areas fixes (Obsidian Hills, Red Mist Valley and The Caverns Below should have improved timers and spawning locations)


    • Fixed some Peltarch store issues in which the armor vendor wouldn't buy small shields or belts, and the weapon vendor wouldn't buy clubs or great axes.


    • Tweaks to how the min points are calculated when generating additional RLG items in a loot chest
    • No more server spam coming from ai_gargo
    • !destroy can now destroy non-selectable or static placeables
    • New chat commands for DMs. Type !help and look for !dm_npc <sub-command> at the bottom of the list:

    New commands include:

    1. Hit Die increase, decrease, override of a specified class;
    2. Hit Points increase, decrease, override;
    3. Armor Class (natural) increase, decrease, override;
    4. Challenge Rating increase, decrease, override;
    5. Skill increase, decrease, override for a specified skill;
    6. Feat add or removal of a specified feat;
    7. Class replace, removal of a desired class in position (and specified class, in case you remove it);
    8. Racial type change to a specified race;
    9. Gender change to one of the four available (male, female, both, or none).
      Check out the samples or ask in #Dev if you have any doubts.
    • inc_racial.nss has been expanded.