Build 915A

  • Dorakhan:

    • Mounting tweaks on module load.

    Gonnar and Seisan (World):

    • CR tweaks for Orcish Juju zombies and Bugbears (these creatures and areas should yield better xp for PCs in a level range of 12-14)


    • Small RLG on looting description tweaks
    • New chat commands. Check out the detailed instructions in !help. Look for the following on the list:


    • !gps (Opens Gnomish Positioning Scroll if you own one.)
    • !hunt or !hunting or !hunting log (Opens Hunting Log menu.)
    • !map (Opens map of narfell to see your pins.)
    • !branditem (Brands an RLG item with a new name given by the player. Up to two times.)
    • !branditem hideclass (Same as !branditem but hides class in case short description picks up one to be displayed.)
    • !unbranditem (Reverts name and description of an item to its original state, no matter if the item brand times were all spent. DMs doing this command on an item should wipe/reset the brand time counter.)

    DM only:

    • !rename
    • !set description
    • !add description
    • !copy
    • !paste
    • !destroy
    • !ttoken or !transtoken or !transmutation token