Miwa of the Barasume Clan

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    This is the description I gave my illustrator:

    Miwa of the Barasume clan description: Miwa is 5ft 7inches tall. She is typical of most Asians with raven black hair and dark brown eyes. She is a bit more full-figured than most Kozakurian (Japanese) women. C-cups with a more hourglass body type. She would be absolutely gorgeous however her face has been cut up and stitched together so many times from the clan wars that she has a crooked smile.

    She was married at 14 widowed at 19 and now is 20 years old. Shes very strong str 16 and flexible for an Onna-bugeisha (female samurai) dex of 15 and is rather hardy con 14.

    She is either in full armor with her clan badge displayed on her shoulder (typical Japanese heavy splint mail) Or in a Kimono with odi. The clan colors are red, black and white. Most of her kimonos are in those colors as well as her armor. She always bares 4 weapons. Her own katana and wakizashi pommels are wrapped in red and white silk. Her husband's katana (pommel wrapped in black silk) and her Kaiken (long 10 inch double bladed dagger. If she is in a kimono, she is always barefoot. She only wears heavy greave boots in armor and never wears shoes when not.

    Miwa is a stern woman and was the judge and executioner on her husband's lands. She is strictly lawful neutral. Shes also fairly intelligent (int 13) but is unwise (wis 9) and often blurts out her perspective's and never lies about it either making her charisma low at (11) though like I said her comeliness would be a 15 or 16 except that her face is scared from stitching.

    Miwa also endeavors to be the perfect wife and is very soft and feminine at home but again she always carries her weapons except for in bed where she only wears her Kaiken on a leather string around her neck like a necklace.

    Miwa's portrait:

    alt text

    By Elena Zambelli of Italy.