Build 915

  • Seisan

    • Updated the loot chests of 51 more areas to create more than one RLG item inside the container IF there is more than one single PC looting it (i.e. the party must have 2+ members). The number of additional items created depends on how many members the party has and the innate properties of the loot chests that would create the RLG loot. Adventures: if you are not adventuring alone, the container should yield more loot for the party!
    • Corrected 67 instances (out of 2k) where Lesser Boss Type Tokens and Boss Tokens wouldn't transfer the RLG loot item created during the spawn event.
    • Imported and finished the encounter set-up of the new Arnath Map designed by Gonnar.
    • Other Creature tweaks.
    • RLG items may now add up some custom description for when a PC finds an item in a loot chest, a creature corpse, or uses a transmutation token. Please, notify any weird phrasing or typos your find (this was truly a pain in the ass to make).
    For DMs:
    • Two new thrall token templates have been added.
    • Native Outsider token template added.
    • Minor tweaks to other racial token templates.
    • Native Outsider token effect added (different that token template).
    For Devs:
    • Fixes to Increase Hit Point Max Token effects for NPCs (they now add/substract HP correctly)
    • Encounter list updated.
    • Random and Enhanced spawn options extended to the spawner set-up (it was a NPCs variable exclusive feature before, but now a spawner can apply the changes to all creatures created from the placeable). See dev documentation.
    • Tweaks to spawn boss event and quest item creation.
    • Discovery and travel 2da files updated.


    • Modified hunting mastery rewards so any mastered races will show their entire rewards lists. Rewards that a player can't afford will appear in red (clicking on them will do nothing).
    • Fixed various login issues (including with RP tick XP). Last-on-horse issue still outstanding.
    • Fixed issues with random spawns interfering with environmental effects system

  • Hotfix

    • Bug fixes to RLG descriptions when pulling items from a creature's corpse (missing tokens, incorrect object parsing, better creature's name clean-up).