Letter given to the crafting Guild in Norwick addressed to Master Z

  • Banned

    Dear Master Z,

    You do not know me. My name is Onna-bugeisha Miwa of the Barasume clan. I have been living in your lands for several months now. I humbly beseech your services.
    My sword which contains my essence was made when I was twelve. It is a good sword made by a master craftsman however my father is a small landholder in our homelands and the sword, although very good for the battles I have fought in my Kozakura is not sufficient against many of this land’s adversaries. I need to have another made. One where I may melt my own blade down and have added better metals and ingredients to make the sword able to content with the fantastic creatures of your lands.
    I have a friend and counselor, One Samwell the monk, that has mentioned your name as the best sword maker in these lands. I would very much like to meet with you and discuss further the possibilities of creating a sword.
    I thank you
    Onna-bugeisha Miwa of Barasume.