• Gonnar and Seisan:

    • The CR of some orcs, lizardfolk and gnolls has been increased to expand the potential places where level 6-9 PCs could gain XP


    • Some demons and devils should jump faster into melee rather than cast their spells till the end of the day or untill they die
    • Badgers should no longer appear with Lesser Boss properties


    • Discovery XP updates/fixes


    • Minor bug fixes
    • Mastery rewards should now autostack (untested)
    • !dm_shelf command is now active. Use !dm_shelf help for more info and there will be a corresponding forums post. This will allow (currently) one saved "scene" per area per avatar and a persistent setting that will allow it to automatically reload on server restart.
    • Targeting a player with a tell and using the !sc command will do a skillcheck or other check only for that player. All other attributes, such as the -silent flag, may still be applied as normal.

  • DM


    • Reverted a sneaky potion brewing commit
    • Stoneflyers and Xorns should earthglide again
    • Added the option to generate more than one RLG item in loot chest containers (two Underdark areas got theirs updated as teaser)