Build 914B

  • DM

    • Pet System updated! Broken appearances will no longer work. DMs may use a fresh token on a creature, and this will set all the variables automagically (copying the creature's appearance, name, portrait, size modification to the token). The PC will then be able to spawn the pet using that token.
    • A new portion of the woods are now accessible in somewhere in Marigold - provided you know where to look, when the sun rises.
    • Changed descriptions of certain placeables in Marigold.
    • Minor area tweaks.
    • Tweaks to encounter lines.
    • Adding missing rows to appearance.2da and portraits.2da to correct spawning issues
    • More animal creatures are now skinnable (and can also be butchered to provide a "Raw <Creature> Meat" that can be cooked in campfires).
    • A lot more magical creatures are now skinnable (and can also be butchered like explained above).
    • Revealing secret objects should no longer force the PC to play the spot animation/sound.
    • Creature hak updated with new models.
    • Fixed missing models for some creatures.
    • Item palcus updated.
    • discoveryxp.2da updated.