Build 914

  • Dorakhan

    • Eldritch Knight Class added
    • Magic eater no longer eats targeted feats as if they were spells


    • Burrowing Tweaks: these include a minor animation adjustment, and a distance tweak for the earthquake to make it more immersive (but still leaving room for the PCs to escape and run away).

    • Earth-Glide nerfs (Xorns, Stone Flyers): Like burrowing (no earthquake tho) but with halved distance duration.

    • Earth-Glide Extraordinary Ability was incorporated to the global AI. See dev documentation to turn on the AI for your newly created creatures.

    • Immersion for skining/butchering: The Raw meat you get when skinning/butchering now adds up the name of the creature as label. I.e.: a skinned Black Bear will generate "Raw Black Bear Meat" misc item.

    • Tweaks on cooking: The Cooked Food now get's the name of the creature's meat that was cooked. I.e.: "Raw Bulette Meat" becomes "Cooked Bulette".

    • Fast travel tweaks: Customizable phrasing, Special Token Possession discount (see dev documentation), better readability with cyan text instead of dark blue color to show prices.