Build 912

  • Dev


    • TR tweaks in various code locations
    • Tweaks to Marigold's directions to make the riddle more clear.


    • With the new caravan routes opening travel to parts far and wide, the Temple of Chauntea in Norwick has undergone a make-over to handle the influx of new travellers, adventurers, and converts.
    • Some intrepid woodsmen have found a new path to the Woodland Pass that goes by Spellweaver Keep. The wizards of said keep are not happy with the opening up of the woods behind the keep, and forbid any access to it via the keep. Seems like there's more than woodland creatures in those there woods.


    • Two Tailoring Assistants have finally returned from their trip to Rashemen in a specific shop at Kront.
    • The Cold Road has been slightly expanded.
    • Eastern Passage has been slighlty expanded. (Spawners still waiting for some more End Game tweaking, so look forward to a real randomized high level challenge).
    • The Cold Road and the Eastern Passage have been connected (thank you @Goddess-of-Spite for one last area). This means there's a new route to Kront but you gotta find out and be careful with the creatures you will face there.
    • Travelers of The Cold Road talk about a Road Keep that offers some hosting, healing, imports and other services.
    • More Ashanath areas added to the module (this is a sneak peek for those daring to explore the northern part of that region. DO TAKE IT EASY. The areas there won't give any discovery xp until they are completed).

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the issue where NPCs with POST_ or single WP_ waypoints were ever staring towards east.
    • Fixed a broken transition in Rawlinswood - Southeastern Edge - Tower.
    • Added more areas to discoveryxp.2da (some were pointed out here, but I forgot which are so you need to go out and explore).

    For Devs:

    • p_hidden_object can now call loot_tbs_chest, spawn_boss_ev, and spawn_quest_item -- this means you can now set up RLG containers, boss spawning events and quest item creation containers as hidden objects that the PC must reveal in order to interact with them.

    For DMs:

    • Added two Gonnar's End Game creatures to the palcus.