Build 911

  • Seisan

    • Special materials imported from Kara-Tur! RLG gambling shop open for business in a lonely shack in Rawlinswood - Cliffside - Far map.
    • Update loot_tbs_chest.nss to generate random loot if you have some params active and the OnDisturb tbs script set-up


    • RLG Add-on: Change Crystals added to the module. Somewhat like Relics, they will transform to a specific type when picked up - use on RLG to re-roll a random skill or save (specific to item). (Look for them in spawn loot in the future!)
    • Caribou faction changed to animal. No really, it's fixed this time. (Thanks DrD.)
    • Hinhold transitions fixed (and thanks Bastage).
    • Mysterious brochures added (hints to the below map adds).
    • Kelemvorite Temple spawn point moved to Norwick (so you don't get stuck in the temple map which is still in the module).
    • Additional spawn point added.


    • Multiple maps added. (There's a lot of stuff here so don't let the single bullet point fool you, but it's a FOIG.)


    • Frost Giant CR increased to be more in line with Fire Giants. Expect loot updates soon.

  • Dev

    Just a correction from my part as the RW with the lonely shack is not the one adverted (it is possible it doesn't even exists in the module an area of that name).

    The right map where the shack is located and most adventurers have visited already is: Rawlinswood - Cliffside Far