Build 910A

  • Dorakhan

    • Animal companion/familiar fix for non-level areas causing summoning to fail.
    • Background changes to systems; more DM logging
    • Login damage should now just "set" HP, is no longer magical
    • Shield bearer cooldown notifications now work properly (and aren't unnecessarily burdening system resources); other minor tweaks in implementation
    • Feats will no longer be subject to ride checks in any way, shape or form (was not an issue for non-somatic feats but things like lay-on-hands would fail)


    • Horse fix. Calashite Cream Draft Horse should now work when bought.
    • Crafting stations fixed in Blackbridge.
    • Arrows, bullets, bolts price fixes in Blackbridge and Stonepeak at the fire giant. (Interior Stonepeak price will be corrected next build)
    • Air Elementals should give hunting xp now.
    • Caribou shouldn't be hostile anymore.
    • Raiders in the Giantspires should be toned down a bit.
    • Some minor monster changes elsewhere.
    • Some minor map changes elsewhere.


    • Robe AC bug fix