Build 910

  • Dev

    Its a Fire's Changes



    • New animal shapes will save and display in the Wildshape dialog properly (even when not currently assigned to a slot)
    • Caribou faction fixes
    • Lucky Ferret Dart Board
    • Less VFX in Druid Grove (Thanks for reporting @Shalvenay)
    • Fix for bullet prices in HH
    • Resizing Plague Brush spawn

    Seisan Changes

    • Added two new types of Bulettes. Tweaked the two existing ones.
    • Bulettes were added to the random tables in most parts of the Underdark (and the Middledark). Tanners: go there and explore!
    • Tweaked some spawners across the Underdark to be more fitting (CR related).
    • Lowered the amount of gargoyles, griffons, and hippogriffons that can spawn from the random encounters by less than half (they were just too many, my bad >_>).
    • Tweaked the chance to spawn them precious metals in the Middledark to be similar (if not slightly better) than in the LC.
    • Fixed overpopulation issues seen in some areas

    Dora's Changes

    • Correct shield clang description
    • Server stability tweaks

    Tpickles Changes

    • Adding a gambler NPC type (more on this in a future update)
    • Duergar mines boss fix (Thank you for reporting @Darkspyr and @Speedy_Z_ )
    • Server stability tweaks


    As with all build updates, there is the likelihood of bugs. Please report bugs to the bug reporting forum or #bug-reporting in discord.