• The Looks
    Vaelith Portrait

    The Basics

    Vaelith walks with determination in her green eyes, in her step, and in her very body language. She is neither the tallest nor strongest knight one may have seen, but there is purpose in her actions. She does not appear to move one finger without meaning it, much less say a word, as it all comes naturally to her. She simply is, and acts, the only way she has ever known, in service of her Lord Lathander.

    Heart of the Avenger

    A quick look at her tells a bystander that someone wearing a gilded armour with sunny motives, ornated with reddish and purplish details, can be nothing but a Dawnbringer of sorts. A quick conversation will reveal that Vaelith is not judgemental, and can even enjoy good company and some of the simpler things in life, ocassionally.

    In the field, a polished armour and a battle-cry announce her charge to the fore, for a soldier of the Morninglord belongs only to the vanguard.

    The Goal

    Wrongs must be amended, and the wrongdoers must be thwarted.
    Respect thy enemies, and honour those who fought valiantly, even for causes that did not align with yours.
    Undead must be cleansed and put to rest. Fiends must be utterly destroyed. Show no mercy nor respite to these creatures, for they exist only out of malice, and for malice's sake.
    Put aside personal goals, interests and pride when they get in the way of removing your foes from the world.
    Aid those who suffer from the misdeeds of your foes.
    Honour. Bravery. Respect. Loyalty. Honesty. Mercy. These are the Hallmarks. These are the Pillars.