• The Looks
    The Basics

    Xaari saunters with confidence, seeming to avoid drama and complications. The hallmarks of a simple lifestyle that goes in hand with her rather carefree, easy-going nature. A drink, a laugh, a joke and friendly banter are the typical interactions that appear to fuel her buoyant, laid-back character.

    Heart of the Voyager

    With the clothing and mannerisms that seem to match, Xaari will introduce herself as a traveller. There appears to be a ship somewhere waiting for her always to take her away just as quickly as she arrived. It's not very clear what she really does on the ship. Deckhand, navigator, boatswain, bodyguard, smuggler, or anything in between, is anyone's guess. Her accent is certainly outlandish, and her common, while pretty neat and crispy, is often spotted with a mix of foreign words from her native language.

    The Goal

    Without digging into her personal space and comfort, this one is not trivial to tell. In plain sight, she seems to just exist for the sake of having a good time between dealing with her work and responsibilities. Don't we all?