Build 908

  • Dorakhan Notes


    • Ride check tests for polymorph by effect, so tenser`s should be okay on horses. cannot whirlwind while mounted.
    • Effective Skill Rank = character sheet skill value minus area penalty, max of invested skill rank; penalty is x/4 for AB calculation.
    • Casting/some abilities while mounted: DC 10 + innate level vs effective ride (checks only in combat - does not apply to still spells or verbal component only spells or abilities that do not require components)
    • AC bonus (updated each area, mounted combat only): max 5, effective ride / 5
    • AB penalties: single handed -6 (includes with shield), dual wield or two-hand -10, ranged -6... mitigated by effective ride/4 without combat feats and minimum -2 penalty (without combat feats), mitigiated by effective ride/2 with combat feats
    • Speed: 50 minus area penalty mitigated by 5x effective ride, minimum of -25 (meaning that if your ride skill is garbage, you will go SLOWER on horseback than walking in difficult areas)
    • Moved everything to horse_inc - had to change out x2_inc_spellhook because of reference to x3_inc_horse, though... nuked paladin mount scripts.


    • 5E death saving throws instead of bleeding (note that monster damage does not cause another roll, but if you`re damaged below -20 you still die)
    • Death save rolls broadcast to all party members.
    • All healing spells (and regen spells), as well medicine kits/bags with heal check, now auto-stabilize at 1hp (including cure minor wounds).
    • Death will message all GPS holders if deceased PC has GPS.
    • GPS will show corpse location (map name and XYZ coordinates) assuming it`s not in a non-scry area if the deceased has GPS (regardless of whether or not the carrier does).
    • TR now has a counter (DM TRs do not count against this) with TR costs being 100% first, 110% second, 300% third, and double each iteration thereafter. -1 count every 6 months RL time or full reset on a regular raise.
    • Cost of TR now displayed on corpse object and item (on examine - both PC and NPC costs).


    • Dispelling weapon spells (greater magic weapon, flame weapon, keen, etc.) or magic vestment from a target creature now remove the item property effect properly when a dispel attempt successfully removes the spell as intended.


    • Now uses SetCurrentHitPoints() instead of magic damage.

    Character Export

    *Now tied to RP auto-tick. Please note that your export will skip if you are either polymorphed or bartering at the time of export.

    New Commands

    • !tr : gives information about current TR count, cost, and time to reduction
    • !loc : gives current map and XYZ coordinates (to be used in tandem with XYZ data from GPS death info or persistent map pins)


    • Dwarven war axe fixed as a selection in new player lobby.

    Seisan Notes

    • More new dungeon preps: new lines in spawn_inc_list; tweaks and area replacements (areas are not ready yet so they can remain unconnected to the world)
    • Lowered the movement rate of voidwraiths to be more gentle with PCs when they need to leave the airleass aura.
    • t_boss_spawn_ev is now spawn_boss_ev with many tweaks and new features, among there, you can now spawn a random boss type creature from a given list
    • Addedd "AI_FLYING" and "AI_BURROWING" variables so if a creature has them set to TRUE (1) they activate both combat behaviors (be aware of the animations as they both use ApppearDisappear)
    • Added the locked functionality to p_hidden_object (hidden objects revealed with skill check)
    • Added spellcraft check to t_reveal_sec_obj
    • Increased level restriction to 15 to enter the boss encounter in Zu-Zalka (old orc fort) and to open other chests, among other tweaks to that area
    • Added a panic exit to the boss encounter of Zu-Zalka
    • Added a way to resist the rotting aura (su) of the Angel of Decay spawn so Dora doesn`t yell at me
    • Containers can now spawn quest items with many functionalities and options (see dev forum for detailed info as the script in charge is spawn_quest_item)
    • Added CLONE_INVENTORY, NO_LOCATION_FIX, among many others to spawning behaviors of creatures (refer to the dev forum for more detailed info).
    • Tweaks to Underdark - Minos - Gallery of Thousands Doors (careful with trying to sneak pass thru the last boss encounter as that was never intended to happen)
    • IS_BOSS type creatures can now spawn no-droppable quest items in their remains.
    • Fixes to Boss type creatures area depop
    • More balance tweaks to the rest of the incorporeals like in the last build update.
    • New Charnel Hound creature (the new model was the best I could do in Blender, so bear with me if it`s a very poor model)

    Its_a_Fire Notes


    • More robe appearances! Please find the correct thread in the bug forum if you encounter any errors.
    • Tailoring chat commands now allow you to select robe. >.>


    • The Peltarch Orcish nose ring quest should work now
    • And the Peltarch Kobold charm quest too. (Max level 9.)

    Environmental Effects

    • Charged items granting immunity to the effects of drowning can be purchased at reputable retailers.
    • Drowning resistance items no longer stack.
    • The underwater environmental effect now excludes appropriate Polymorph/Wildshape options from movement penalties and/or drowning checks.
    • The Elemental Earth Pocket Plane`s "Bad Air" feature has been restored.
    • For area developers: The environmental effects system can now work with triggers. Example in the Giantspire fiery crater. Wild and null magic can now be set on an ENV trigger for localized effects on a map. Refuge triggers now possible, to provide relief from an area`s effects. Planar-style magical affinities now possible - with changes to damage and effectiveness of magic.


    • The four core elemental summons have been tweaked to fit the classical character of each element and to make them distinct in application. For example, fire elementals will deal a lot of damage against the right opponents, but they live a fragile existence. Air elementals can deflect nearly any blow but won`t put the hurt on. (This will apply to Summon Creature I - IX only. Not Bioware item-property-spawned creatures.)
    • More wildshape appearances added. The wildshape tool main menu displays current selections just like the Book of Summons.
    • AI will attempt to flee from darkness and blindness effects.


    • spawn table changes
    • more spawn table changes
    • why are there so many spawn table changes?

  • The Black Waters

    Maximum RLG points for chests updated to 10 for side rooms and 15 for the main room.